Automatic citizenship as a birth-right is a ridiculous idea!

Mr President please carry on with your great agenda! And don’t worry about those stupid Democrats – you can “Trump” them anytime you feel like it –  they’re such morons!

Look the insistence on wanting to make the off-springs of illegal “criminals”, genuine citizens of the US, is like maintaining that all criminals who steal from a shopping centre should go to jail! – But should one of their women give birth in one of the toilets on the particular shopping centre, then that child is allowed to shoplift with impunity for his or her entire life from that shopping centre! 

Look s far as I am concerned, it’s as stupid as the god whom the primitive Jews concocted – thanks to the alphabet they received very early through the Phoenicians – that imbecilic god supposedly legislated that if a rapist was consenting to marry the woman he’d raped, then he would not be punished! (???) Yes that is equally as ridiculous as any of the above mentioned items.

Frank Pio Russo.


Possible truth behind Supreme Court goings on!

To me there’s no mystery there whatsoever! It’s obvious that those diabolical Democrats sat on the woman’s letter till the last minute, just to “stuff”everybody up! Hence I logically conclude that the exercise had nothing at all to do with any truth of any kind!

And I smell a gigantic ‘rat’ where nobody has seen any major problem at all! Perhaps all the others simply lack imagination or IQ points, or maybe both. Naturally those devious bastard Democrats had to choose a woman who could carry her role convincingly and credibly, and I surmise that this is why they chose a professor of psychology for the job! Such a person would be ideally qualified to lie constantly and to her heart’s content, without blinking an eyelid! Plus a lie detector test for such an individual, would be something they’ve probably practised many times, as to how to get through it with all sorts of lies!

As far as I’m concerned it’s just a pack of lies! There are no facts whatsoever, such that one cannot speculate about anything at all! For starters she’s given no details about the event and where it was supposedly to have taken place and none of the people mentioned by the ridiculous woman remember any such event – not even her close friend!

What I find unbelievable, is that many of those senators were swayed by her dramatic performance! What! Were they members of the Capitol or just some morons who belonged to some dramatic society! As senators they should have mainly been interested in the facts of the matter, or more factually the lack of facts in the matter! And not how the expert psychologist could act as a raped woman, when even using her own fictional account her genitals had not even been touched!

It’s a disgrace to have such stupid people as senators, but then again perhaps the democratic senators, may have simply been playing their normal outraged oppositional role.

Frank Pio Russo.




Why Putin could now justifiably threaten the US!

Russia has come up with many incredibly fantastic new weapons announced overnight! E.g. some missiles that can wipe-out a country the size of France as well as unstoppable nuclear missiles that have made all of the west’s anti-missile shields useless!

Hence my view is that the US should think twice – if not 4 times – before imposing sanctions on Russia… the belligerence of these moronic democrats knows no bounds! If they leave their computers unprotected … whose fault is that? Do insurance companies pay-up if you are burgled after leaving your front door wide open?!

If I was in Putin’s place, I would threaten to send one of these unstoppable nukes their way, unless they dismantle all of their nonsensical sanctions that were designed to send Russia to the poor house! The poor suffer no matter what country they’re in… especially if it’s very cold there!

Frank Pio Russo.

The US Gymnastics doctor and fake news!?

I’ve got to comment about this ridiculous event! It’s got to be some sort of bogus Masonic theater of some sort – possibly for the entertainment of the elites, and also to show how much ultimate control they have over what goes on!

Apparently there was no mass-murder involved… not even a single murder! Furthermore there were no rapes committed: apparently most of those girls were not even aware that they’d been abused… why in some cases apparently even their mothers were present, whilst it supposedly was going on with nobody complaining at all!

And the ridiculously stupid judge getting almost orgasmic over how bad it all was, giving an astronomical sentence of 175 years!! Where are all the reasonable and normal people of the US – why is nobody screaming “blue murder”?

What makes this case so special? In most western countries people commit all sorts of heinous crimes with all sorts of rap sheets and are constantly let out to commit them all over again! All I can say is that all those supposed victims might be “crisis actors”… certainly that father feigning outrage and lunging at the doctor certainly was! It’s all staged … Masonic rubbish… even the number 175 adds to 13 and apparently it’s the most  masonically correct number!

Anonymously contributed.


Sexual harassment and the ultimate fake news!

There is no way that anybody can become a star in this demonic world without first compromising oneself… such a fantasy is only a facade fabricated by the devil to hide his influence!

And now all this fake news about sexual harassment!? In my opinion- all these “sluts”are claiming all this impropriety in a totally mock display of fake piety – ! ‘Yes all these immoral sluts are really saints who have been ‘tainted’ by the likes of a Weinstein’! Give me a break!!

Well I’m not buying any of it! All this mock news and fake morality that’s suddenly emerged, is no more than a ploy by the Devil to try and plaster over all the evils of society… “No we’re not really Sodom and Gomorrah with all our gays and transsexuals and permissiveness of all sorts… we’re really paragons of morality and ethics!?”

Most of these protagonists are totally immoral and now appear and make out they’re disturbed by any mild sexual harassment… all I can say is that they’re very good actors!

Ben Scott.

FBI Russia investigation: a witch-hunt by low IQ imbeciles that has no merit whatsoever!

FBI Russia investigation: a witch-hunt by low IQ imbeciles that has no merit whatsoever!

Frank Pio Russo – December 4, 2017.

Such gross morons in the FBI! The issue should be: does an incoming new administration or government, have the freedom to reset relations with other countries, or are they simply coming in to keep in place everything the black Obama did – are the latter’s decrees set in stone like the 10 commandments?

The answer is obvious to anybody with even just an ounce of grey matter! Of course Flynn and Trump were within their rights to foster better relations with Russia, especially with a view of better taking the fight up to the Islamic State or Isis. The whole FBI exercise is no more than a camouflaged witch-hunt: such exposed dimwits should go red in the face with embarrassment!

It’s all resulted from Clinton and the left being unable to move-on and accept defeat… they’ll keep pursuing Trump with all sorts of lies and fake news… despite him having won – now they want to keep trying to bring him down: GIVE-UP YOU FUCKWITTED MORONIC IMBECILES!!

Frank Pio Russo.

About the Joe Arpaio pardon !

About the Joe Arpaio pardon !

Frank Pio Russo – August 28, 2017.

The American media is screaming blue murder about President Trump’s pardon of sheriff Joe Arpaio, as a massive abuse of power.

I however am fully behind the president: yes! Arpaio was a real patriot, picking on those illegal vagrants invading the US ! I’m only saddened that Mr Trump hasn’t been able to harm the actual judge behind Arpaio’s imprisonment!

I wish somebody would go after these unscrupulous human rights lawyers over here in Australia, who are constantly frustrating our government’s ability to properly deal with our own vagrant illegals !

Frank Pio Russo.

Why the US administration is incredibly naive !

Why the US administration is incredibly naive !

July 31, 2017.

The US diplomatic apparatus and its administration, has shown distinct signs of overt naivety in regards to the North Korea situation. Its constant attempts at getting China to help, are indeed ridiculous… very silly indeed ! And its insistence in this matter rather fatuous.

It should be clearly evident that the nuclear advances of Nth Korea, have all been due to provided intelligence from China itself… a bit like how China acquired its original technology from Russia, who in turn got it initially from the US through spies! Anybody who thinks otherwise is simply deluded, rather than just misguided.

It is obvious by the rapid advances of Nth Korea, constantly making strides way beyond everybody’s expectations… and this from an impoverished nation which most of the time couldn’t even feed itself – with its people constantly starving somewhat! Also, ask yourself : does China want the equivalent of a 1962-US-Cuba on its doorstep! It obviously wants an obedient satellite acolyte, instead of a threatening US intrusion into its domain !!

Wake-up United States… I don’t think you even know who your real enemies are !!

Anonymously contributed.

Why the whole world is being abused by the US Dollar!

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Subject: Why the whole world is being abused by the US Dollar!

Why the whole world is being abused by the US Dollar!

Apparently the US reserve bank or Federal Reserve gets its money from Jewish bankers – presumably the Rothschild’s – and the latter are or are very close to being trillionaires, and behind every political manoeuvre in this corrupt world!

You’ve no doubt heard how the US has been constantly printing all this money for a very long time! Well in 2002 I placed a message on the DBA forum saying that the US could run budget deficits of a trillion dollars or even more, and all that would happen was that it would suck in everybody else’s money from all over the world! My post was quickly made to disappear!

Well the truth of the matter is that our whole planet is being abused by this US dollar currency, simply because of its central role as “moneta franca” in a similar way to how English is the ‘lingua franca’ and all the other languages are disappearing as its direct consequence! They can print as much as they like and it will retain its value simply as a result of its privileged role: what is really happening is that everybody else’s money in the whole world is constantly being devalued despite superficially appearing to be retaining the status quo: yes my words in 2002 were prophetic… it is really sucking all the money from the rest of the world into the US!

Unfortunately it’s a sad fact that countries such as Russia , China, India, Brazil and everybody else – are being played for suckers! Bill Barbari was actually wrong when he said in August of 1999 – in Norwood’s Café’ Bravo – that the US was raping all the Arab countries: it’s actually the whole world – and everybody seems to be happy about it – pleasantly going along with it!

Anonymously contributed.

One Muslim soldier died whist checking for a bomb !

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Subject: FW: One Muslim soldier died whist checking for a bomb

One Muslim soldier died whist checking for a bomb !

Big deal! What about the other 2 billion or so who did not ? There’s good and bad in every country, and the facts are that the relative proportions of the good versus the bad vary dramatically, as you move across the spectrum from whites to blacks and to Muslims.

 The Muslims have very little respect for human life: with their suicide bombers and all their bombs constantly going off… yes terrorist attacks in one place after another!

Do we want to turn our country into a living hell ? It’s ridiculous that morons would try to insinuate that one good Muslim would change anything: Wake up you demented Half-wits !!

Anonymously contributed.