Muslim migration and the scam of Halal food certification!

From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: Monday, 3 December 2018 11:34 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: A summary of some of my past ideas on refugees, and a message from Senator Bernardi about halal foods.

Hi there,

If you’ve been reading some of my past emails in recent years, you’d no doubt recall how I used to spend a lot of time, on the very negative aspects of Muslim immigration. Some of these messages have survived to be incorporated in my very popular blog – . Some of those ideas that were highlighted, were things such as the fact that an honest reading of the Koran, would show it to be a very violent political ideology! And any Muslim at all, could unpredictably decide at any time, to take up terrorism! And how would you try and stop such behaviour, when all they’d need is a vehicle of some sort, in a crowded area, to commit mass murder!

Other points that I used to dwell on, were for one – the fact that blacks and Muslims were a very different group to the migrants of times gone by! E.g. Greeks, Italians and Vietnamese! Plus it was a fact that the Muslim migrants were not assimilating, and tended to gravitate around social security and unemployment benefits! However, in more recent times I have spent most of my energy in dealing with scientific matters.

Well today, I was reminded by Senator Bernardi of my strong past views, and how I used to relate the fact that Halal certification of our foods, was a big money-making scam! He mentioned how the Australian Senate considered this issue, and made some recommendations, which the government has thus far not bothered to implement! (?) If you wish you can show support for his petition, to get the government to follow through on these recommendations.

NB – I’m not really endorsing any political party, but rather simply helping in putting an end  to a scam, that many people have mentioned as possibly providing funds for terrorism activities! Plus I’ll add my earlier message from this morning, summarizing the refugee issue, and what some doctors were claiming on TV this morning.

Frank, we must put a stop to the halal racket.

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Dear Frank,

I’m grateful for your support when you added your name demanding action on halal certification.

Three years ago I moved for a Senate inquiry into this industry which found the halal certification industry is riddled with scams and rorts.

It’s a racket and for 3 years the government has done nothing to put a stop to it.

Frank, like you, I can’t accept that.

Australians are fed up with governments that won’t listen or act. That’s why last week I introduced a Bill to implement the Senate committee recommendations.

We have since learned that Parliament will barely sit before the election which means our Bill won’t pass without more public support. The Australian public’s anger over the halal scam needs rock-solid votes in the Senate.

We need more Conservative Party Senators to see an end to the halal racket.

For change on halal, we need to work together.

To help get the numbers needed to stop the halal racket we need your help. Please help us by forwarding this email on to your friends and family.

I’ll Show My Support
Australia can’t afford to put this off any longer.  We must put a stop to the halal racket and whatever support you can provide will help make all the difference.

Cory Bernardi
Australian Conservatives Leader

P.S. We need more common sense voices in the Senate to defend our country and our way of life.

You can support our campaign to end the halal certification racket by chipping into our campaign fund.


Should churches be able to fire gay teachers?

Australia has been debating the issue of discrimination against both gay students and gay teachers, and the various politicians see the issue involving students as far more clear-cut than the case involving teachers, (the reason given is that churches are entitled to control what’s being taught at their churches, and to make sure that it’s in harmony with their teachings).

However, I see the whole exercise as ridiculously stupid! If such moronic imbeciles as gay students or gay teachers, actually desire to go to such church-schools, than as far as I’m concerned they deserve all the discrimination the churches can muster!

Are they that devoid of mental faculties, that they don’t realise that their behaviour is tantamount to people who object to the death penalty, actually going to court for their right to be allowed to take up the job as executioners!

It’s bloody insane what’s going on! I say that churches are completely within their rights to toss all these gay faggots – whether students or teachers – out of their midst! And whilst they’re at it, let them also kick all these bloody gay priest out also, so that they are not tempted by having such a privileged position! People should realise that it’s not up to the churches to legislate on such matters, as their hand should be already tied by what God , Jesus and Paul – plus the rest of the Bible – say on the matter: namely that it’s an abomination deserving of death – as happened to Sodom and Gomorrah!

Now why do these imbeciles want to take legal action so that they can associate and work, for an organisation that is supposed to put such deviant “bastards” to death! They obviously have close to zero for an IQ, and I certainly wouldn’t want such stupid morons teaching any child of mine!

Frank Pio Russo.

Satanic law of “reversal” behind the gay marriage success.

Satanic law of “reversal” behind the gay marriage success.

Frank Pio Russo – November 17, 2017.

Should one be surprised at the recent success of the gay marriage lobby? Definitely not! Humankind wants to do its own thing, and it’s no wonder that as its mass destruction becomes imminent, most of them would align themselves with Satan the Devil and bring about a mass Sodom-and-Gomorrah syndrome!

In actual fact it’s quite straightforward and was all predicted by probably none other than the Devil himself – in the Bible! Yes! In the last days there would be a total corrosion of any semblance of morality! And this is in total harmony with the known procedures of the Devil’s modus operandi, which actually has a well known name which aptly describes what the devil’s aims are!

The process is known as “reversal” and as the term implies, involves taking the opposite position to any obvious divinely instituted matter. For example if you were born a male, the Devil would foster you becoming a “trannie” and going against the natural order by converting yourself into some sort of female. Conversely, if you were a female the opposite would be on the cards for you… depending on how gullible and easily led you may be! Likewise the satanic cross is supposed to be an upside-down version or reversal of the known pagan symbol! Likewise, from what I’ve been told, similar processes apply to Satanic masses and most demonic ceremonies!

Yet the ignorant masses are mostly unaware, that the churches are just another extension of the Satanic empire! Yes the Devil is in charge of both sides as he’s the “God of this system of things”! So, should one be surprised that the principle of “reversal” would be brought into play with gay marriage – where the natural Godly ordained way is supposed to be a marriage between a man and a woman? Not at all! We well know the Devil’s position in this matter, and should of course not be surprised at God’s destructive response: which we’ve seen before with Sodom and Gomorrah!

So in conclusion, do not be misled as you do reap what you sow!

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps. – Further evidence for such demonic thought processes is the reversal of lyrics in the satanic back-masking in many pop songs!

Gays are illiterate with their “love is love” argument!

Gays are illiterate with their “love is love” argument!

Frank Pio Russo – September 26, 2017.

All these half-wits are parroting the argument that “love is Love” and also the scripture from 1 Corinthians which says “the greatest of these is love”.

However they are no more than illiterate morons: the New Testament has 4 words for love and the most commonly referred to is “agape” or ‘principle love’, and this is what these scriptures parroted around are referring to! They are not talking about sexual love or “eros” which takes place between heterosexuals and also between homosexuals!

Where are all these Bible scholars hiding – why aren’t they speaking up?

Frank Pio Russo.

Rohingyas and why Uber has been banned in London!

The Muslim factor: about the Rohingyas and why Uber has been banned in London!

September 24, 2017.

Obviously, so as to enhance the stability and cohesion of its country, Myanmar wants to preserve its monolithic Buddhist structure. And I don’t blame them: wherever Muslims go – rather than assimilate and integrate – they want to take over with their Sharia Law and Halal foods and terrorist insurrections everywhere whilst breeding like vermin!

I don’t blame Myanmar not even one very minute bit at all… only stupid countries like Australia let people come here and do as they like! We should insist they drop their radical ideologies and assimilate. Anyway we should be like Japan which has virtually very little crime… i.e. only let foreigners in, if we desperately need their services, and our own people are unable to help! Furthermore, the fact that the Rohingyas are Muslims like the Bangladeshi – from whence they supposedly came from – speaks for itself!

My lateral thinking also sees a Muslim connection as to why Uber has been banned in London. I would imagine that their situation is something similar to here in Adelaide, where virtually all taxi drivers are ethnic migrants, with a major proportion of them being Muslims. Obviously, it’s too much of a coincidence that the London Mayor is a Muslim, and as such sympathizes with his Muslim base, by discriminating against Uber… the latter often being manned by non-ethnic technology savvy guys. Personally I feel that technology should trump antiquated business practices, similar to what’s been happening in other areas of life, all over the world.

Anonymously contributed.

In what sense are the human races equal ?

From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: Friday, 8 September 2017 7:58 AM
To: ‘Vice President Mike Pence’
Subject: In what sense are the human races equal ?

In what sense are the human races equal ?

There is a lot of mis-comprehension in this regard : just like all individuals are different, likewise all of the races all have their own peculiar attributes that make them different! Where they of course are equal, is in regards to salvation in the eyes of God, where they will be judged according to their works with any racial considerations taken into account, so as to mitigate some of their shortcomings.

Another area in which all human beings stand as equals, is in the fact that their future is not prewritten and prejudged. In other words, there is no reason as to why the individual cannot rise above his peers in his race! Yes the individual can form his own reputation and connotation in the eyes of the public, which may be different to what’s normally expected from his race! There is no invisible force that binds one to the dictates of his race – besides his genetics – and as we know, genetics is only about 50% of the picture.

If anything, when their genetics are bad, this can often constitute as a bit of an excuse for their bad behaviour, just like bad upbringing often does! However, one should not blame an employer or shop owner, for taking sensible precautions… e.g. using probability and statistics to protect his or her business or demonizing someone for doing these things as a malignant racist!

In conclusion, labelling someone as a racist is ridiculous… (e.g. someone who likes German Shepherds is not necessarily hating all the other dogs!)… I would prefer the label of a “REALIST” to the stupid and illiterate notion of a racist!

Frank Pio Russo.


The term marriage should be dropped by heterosexuals !

Why the term marriage should be dropped by heterosexuals !

All the “scum” of this world has already high jacked the term “marriage” regardless of whether such a term is legislated or not, for gays and homosexuals as well as transsexuals.

So now’s the time to abandon this corrupted term as its derogatory connotation cuts in. The best way to do this appears to me, is to bring in a two word composite term, with a qualitative word in there to make it unassailable. I suggest that we in turn “steal” their “union” term from “gay union”, and add the term “Christian”… e.g. one would say “are you in a Christian Union?” whereas a Buddhist would say: “No I’m in a “Buddhist union” and so on! And instead of saying “are you married?”, one would say “are you united?”

The gays are not fooling any of us… it’s not the term “marriage” that they’re after… what they want is to gain the acceptance of normal Christian people by default as they appear to conquer these latter’s sacred institution! In other words simply “gain” people through the creation of confusion! We must not let that happen!

Frank Pio Russo.

Is the religion of migrants and refugees to be respected?

Is the religion of migrants and refugees really to be respected? Not at all!

All the politicians and officials of the western world are no more than retarded, ignorant imbeciles! They obliviously treat the religion and culture of migrants and refugees, as virtually even more important than that of their own people! Shame on these moronic bastards!

They have no idea whatsoever: there is nothing special about the religion and ethnic values of these vagrant vagabonds! It is definitely nothing to make special provisions about, and is definitely not to be treated as sacrosanct!

I applauded when Senator Cory Bernardi opposed the creation of a special “Prayer Room” for Muslims, as if the latter are some sort of “white hens” that deserve special treatment! What all these moronic idiots need to learn, is that one’s religion and culture is – in most cases – simply dictated by the region or zone of provenance of these undesired vagrants! The only exceptions is the few converts that Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses have managed to acquire, and this is a very recent phenomenon. Anyway as far as JWs go, their membership isn’t keeping up with their population increases in the western world, and most of their members are acquired through the latter remaining ignorant of the JW’s past history. And as far as the Mormons go, there’s nothing special about them either! Usually it’s only their cordiality that might win some new friends: especially from the socially inept who are looking for a new circle of friends.

The facts remain that if any migrant comes from Israel he’ll usually be Jewish; should he come from South America he’s usually a Catholic; should he come from the middle east he’s usually a Muslim; were he to come from India he’d usually be a Hindu; were he from Greece he’d be a Geek Orthodox, whilst from Serbia he’d be a Serbian Orthodox!

I think – unless you’re demented – you should get the point! There’s nothing sacrosanct about one’s religion or culture… it’s a simple by-product of where these “vagrants” are born or were living! Wake up you despicable , moronic politicians, and leftist bastards… you’re all an insult to logical common sense!!

Both religion and culture are all mumbo jumbo… it is science and technology that matter! All migrants and refugees – should God forbid any country ever need them – must be made to integrate and conform to the values of the new host country: No buts about it.

Frank Russo.

Islam – a political ideology!

Islam – a political ideology!

Anonymous – September 07, 2016,

A) Is it about radicalization or simply buying into the political aspirations ?

Early Christianity had 2 faces: the literal story-telling for the gullible beginners, and the deep and complicated world for the initiates. In Paul’s writings which far predated the literalist Gospels, he distinguishes between these phases as “fleshly” and “spiritual” Christians, with the former still needing the “milk” or childish Christian fables (like many of the later Gospel stories).

Eventually the literalist arm won out, simply because it was organized well enough to become a temporal ‘power’ with political aspirations, and also because religious “gnosis” was too esoteric for the average person to contemplate.

Likewise I believe that Muslims have two “faces” today as well: the literalist and the political wings. Of course it is easy to see that the literalists are out of their depths in modern secular society, and would soon die out in today’s world. However their smarter members are able to see that with the political wing – and their subjugated women breeding as slavish cattle – they could possibly take over the world – unless the west wakes up to their objectives! Wake-up you sleepy west ! (???)

Anonymously contributed.


B)  Islam: a political ideology rather than a religion.

Freedom of religion is guaranteed under some constitutions. However the big question is, is Islam really a religion or is it a political ideology?

To me the fact that most of these terrorists are not really serious about their religion, implies the truth that it is a political ideology. Take the perpetrator of the recent Nice attack… by all accounts he was not very serious about his religion, and even consumed alcohol regularly ! Furthermore, apparently many of the major-event terrorists -e.g. September 11 – usually embark on a hedonistic pursuit before going ahead with their ventures !

True you might say… “So what, many Catholics are not serious about their religion!” However, the telling factor is that none of the non-serious Catholics would be willing to blow themselves up for a religion they’re not very serious about !

Yes there’s no doubt about it, Islam is a political ideology that should be banned out of existence. Its goal is always some violent and cruel politico-religious totalitarian system of government, with archaic laws that are a throwback to Levitical Israelite precepts of some possibly 3,500 years ago! These have no currency and are incompatible with modern society. The whole western world should unite in banning such primitive medieval display of barbarism, and save these inbred imbeciles from being slaves to their own primitive stupidity.


C) When is the world going to say “enough is enough” !!

The news is constantly moving from one atrocity to another… the variables may change – in this case it’s a Tunisian-French person – yet the common factor to all of these incidents is the same: a MUSLIM was involved !


The imbecilic politicians can try anything they want – they cannot stop it! – Any Muslim can take up ‘the cause’ at any instant – their Koran demands it – and it cannot be predicted who will and who will not! So how do you stop all Muslims from doing any driving of any vehicle at all? It’s impossible it cannot be done!

The only alternative all these moronic politicians have, is to re-patriate all their Muslim citizens including those born in their countries… they obviously don’t want to live in our law systems – let them go where they might be happy !

Anonymously contributed.