Muslim migration and the scam of Halal food certification!

From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: Monday, 3 December 2018 11:34 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: A summary of some of my past ideas on refugees, and a message from Senator Bernardi about halal foods.

Hi there,

If you’ve been reading some of my past emails in recent years, you’d no doubt recall how I used to spend a lot of time, on the very negative aspects of Muslim immigration. Some of these messages have survived to be incorporated in my very popular blog – . Some of those ideas that were highlighted, were things such as the fact that an honest reading of the Koran, would show it to be a very violent political ideology! And any Muslim at all, could unpredictably decide at any time, to take up terrorism! And how would you try and stop such behaviour, when all they’d need is a vehicle of some sort, in a crowded area, to commit mass murder!

Other points that I used to dwell on, were for one – the fact that blacks and Muslims were a very different group to the migrants of times gone by! E.g. Greeks, Italians and Vietnamese! Plus it was a fact that the Muslim migrants were not assimilating, and tended to gravitate around social security and unemployment benefits! However, in more recent times I have spent most of my energy in dealing with scientific matters.

Well today, I was reminded by Senator Bernardi of my strong past views, and how I used to relate the fact that Halal certification of our foods, was a big money-making scam! He mentioned how the Australian Senate considered this issue, and made some recommendations, which the government has thus far not bothered to implement! (?) If you wish you can show support for his petition, to get the government to follow through on these recommendations.

NB – I’m not really endorsing any political party, but rather simply helping in putting an end  to a scam, that many people have mentioned as possibly providing funds for terrorism activities! Plus I’ll add my earlier message from this morning, summarizing the refugee issue, and what some doctors were claiming on TV this morning.

Frank, we must put a stop to the halal racket.

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Dear Frank,

I’m grateful for your support when you added your name demanding action on halal certification.

Three years ago I moved for a Senate inquiry into this industry which found the halal certification industry is riddled with scams and rorts.

It’s a racket and for 3 years the government has done nothing to put a stop to it.

Frank, like you, I can’t accept that.

Australians are fed up with governments that won’t listen or act. That’s why last week I introduced a Bill to implement the Senate committee recommendations.

We have since learned that Parliament will barely sit before the election which means our Bill won’t pass without more public support. The Australian public’s anger over the halal scam needs rock-solid votes in the Senate.

We need more Conservative Party Senators to see an end to the halal racket.

For change on halal, we need to work together.

To help get the numbers needed to stop the halal racket we need your help. Please help us by forwarding this email on to your friends and family.

I’ll Show My Support
Australia can’t afford to put this off any longer.  We must put a stop to the halal racket and whatever support you can provide will help make all the difference.

Cory Bernardi
Australian Conservatives Leader

P.S. We need more common sense voices in the Senate to defend our country and our way of life.

You can support our campaign to end the halal certification racket by chipping into our campaign fund.


The intelligent truth about the lack of infrastructure!

Whilst the average person is constantly complaining about all the unwanted  migrants, refugees, and all sorts of vagrants and vermin that are trying to push their way into our country, all the greedy businessmen are pushing the opposite view, for the simple reason that “more people shopping equals bigger profits!”

On the rational side of the argument, is the fact that the schools are full, and the roads are congested, also the buses are overcrowded and the waiting time for treatment in hospitals’ emergency areas is ballooning out and totally unacceptable! Now the roads’ congestion also leads to very excessive travelling time for going to and from work! Look in short our country is already too full and very overloaded! And thank God for our Prime Minister to see the light and come to rescue the situation: “Good on you Morrison!”

In contrast to the foregoing, we’ve got all the irrational detractors who want to take advantage, of all these mainly illiterate hordes of people that have been flooding in! And their argument is that it’s all our governments’ fault for not keeping up with the providing of more and more infrastructure!(?).

What a big, fat, monstrous lie! It’s not the job of our Australian Government to provide infrastructure for all the displaced people of our planet! Who exactly is supposed to provide all the billions required for such a venture? Are all these “bastard” businessmen who are licking their lips and salivating at the prospect of all these new customers flocking into our country, going to provide all these billions of dollars? Of course not! Actually quite the opposite, because not only do these bastards expect our country to sell itself to the Chinese, in order to get more loans for these projects – but they also expect our governments to get more and more into debt, in order to provide all the necessary things for these penniless vagrants !(???) And guess where all the money – that these vagrant vermin are expected to spend, at these bastard businessmen s shops – is expected to come from? Why… more loans from the Chinese of course!

Look  I almost think that all of us hard-working citizens, might do better to emigrate out of this moronic and imbecilic country which is intent on committing economic suicide and flushing itself down the toilet!

However we’ll find it rather hard to get into some successful country, simply because most of these countries to not dispense and part with their riches! I mean how many migrants is China or Japan taking in? Very close to zero! If anything they attempt to kick out any other ethnicity other than their own… e.g. some of the Muslims that are in China… as well as dispossessing many of the Tibetans out of their own country!

Wake-up Australia! Don’t be totally stupid and insane, (like most Victorians have been very recently), in voting for Labour! That’s the very party that is constantly wanting to sell and destroy our country, for the benefit of foreigners – whether banks or individuals! And I guess their ridiculous motivation, is that most of these vagrants that come here, will vote for them, simply because they know that the Labour Party is willing to flush our country down the toilet for their benefit!

Please Mr Morrison, continue in the path you’ve recently started walking in! Perhaps a government funded advertising campaign – highlighting all these facts that I’ve mentioned – might be in order!

Frank Pio Russo.






Australian government shown up as stupid! Whilst Russo’s intelligence shines on!

You might have seen a terrorist act in Melbourne the other day, and how a member of the public tried to help with a shopping trolley.  The news reports highlighted how the Muslim terrorist had been on a “watch-list”, because he was seen as possibly wanting to go and fight for ISIS in the middle-east!

Well I have pointed out the moronic stupidity of the Australian government in this regard, many times in the past! On the other hand, I have suggested to the authorities that a much better course of action, would be to emulate how  the Italians have dealt with similar issues in the past. One example was the one involving Camillo, who was a very strong well-built man – he decided that he did not want to waste his time in the Italian military service, and escaped out of the country to go in the paid French Foreign Legions service.

Well the Italians were not as stupid as the Australians, and said “good riddance” to this troublesome chap! Furthermore they warned him that if he were to ever step foot in Italy, he’d be instantly incarcerated for a very long time!

What does the idiotic Australian government do in similar situations? Well it spends all these resources to stop these traitorous ingrates to our Aussie country! They would much rather want these terrorists to remain in Australia, so as to ‘enrich’ our society with their terrorist criminal activities! And should the latter actually have succeeded and made it to Syria, well the Australian imbeciles would spare no amount of money to get these Muslim terrorists back into Australia, so that they can receive a pointless slap on their knuckles, and become heroes to our Muslim ghettos just like David Hicks did! Whereas they should have been forced to rot in poverty, in the 3rd world that they had preferred to choose!

“No ! No! These terrorists must be brought back to live in our luxurious premiere country of the world, to enjoy all the perks that our stupid governments can dish out to them! And perhaps even sue us for millions for God knows what! And maybe become published authors, or even dissident politicians – thus making total fools of our imbecilic government authorities!”

In conclusion I say: “Well done!” and: “That’s really great!”… as these terrorist acts sporadically spread all sorts of fear  in our cities, and especially where all these stupid politicians have allowed all these unnecessary migrants – or so-called economic refugees – to congregate ‘en mass’ and foment all sorts of plots! If the morons had not brought any of these trouble-makers in, nor allowed these illegal vagrants and vermin to stay – they wouldn’t have to waste all these resources and millions, to watch as plots and mayhem are being planned!

Yes! “Well done! That’s really great!… Maybe our stupid politicians will learn from their mistakes!” However I somehow doubt it, as I haven’t seen any real evidence of much IQ amongst them!

Frank Pio Russo.




Watching terror on TV is enough! Terror links are unnecessary!

From our Prime Minister Turnbull down, everybody is constantly parroting around that it’s not terrorism because they haven’t found any terror links yet!?

Such fools: terror links are unnecessary! All these gullible and easily influenced Muslims need, is to see their fellow activists carry out terror on TV segments… WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!!

Frank Russo.

The ‘terror shows’ often live on TV are enough !!

Australian authorities hellbent on denying the undeniable!?

The Muslim Afghani refugee terrorist spelled it out for them: he had committed the act of terror with his 4-wheel-drive – because of how his Muslim brethren were being treated – thus severely injuring some 19 people or thereabouts.

These Australian authorities are criminally obstinate, presumably so as not to offend Muslim sensitivity! When will these Australian moronic bastards wake up? Maybe when close to 50,000 people get killed in one go!

Such an event may be worthwhile if it were to snap such authorities out of their lethargic sleep… maybe then they might consider the Muslim problem a serious one! 

Frank Pio Russo.

Rohingyas and why Uber has been banned in London!

The Muslim factor: about the Rohingyas and why Uber has been banned in London!

September 24, 2017.

Obviously, so as to enhance the stability and cohesion of its country, Myanmar wants to preserve its monolithic Buddhist structure. And I don’t blame them: wherever Muslims go – rather than assimilate and integrate – they want to take over with their Sharia Law and Halal foods and terrorist insurrections everywhere whilst breeding like vermin!

I don’t blame Myanmar not even one very minute bit at all… only stupid countries like Australia let people come here and do as they like! We should insist they drop their radical ideologies and assimilate. Anyway we should be like Japan which has virtually very little crime… i.e. only let foreigners in, if we desperately need their services, and our own people are unable to help! Furthermore, the fact that the Rohingyas are Muslims like the Bangladeshi – from whence they supposedly came from – speaks for itself!

My lateral thinking also sees a Muslim connection as to why Uber has been banned in London. I would imagine that their situation is something similar to here in Adelaide, where virtually all taxi drivers are ethnic migrants, with a major proportion of them being Muslims. Obviously, it’s too much of a coincidence that the London Mayor is a Muslim, and as such sympathizes with his Muslim base, by discriminating against Uber… the latter often being manned by non-ethnic technology savvy guys. Personally I feel that technology should trump antiquated business practices, similar to what’s been happening in other areas of life, all over the world.

Anonymously contributed.

Why face coverings should not be allowed in public.

From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: January 28, 2017 10:35 AM
To: ‘’
Subject: Why face coverings should not be allowed in public.

Why face coverings should not be allowed in public.

Apparently women in Arabic Muslim culture were supposed to be sealed away in harems, away from purving eyes and only available to their master and close relatives, hence why their faces were covered !

So all this nonsense about Muslim women hiding their identity when they want to become normalized western citizens of the west, is utterly ridiculous ! And their insistence on “burquinis” when they enrol in swimming contests, is even beyond the joke! Why don’t they revert to their full slave mode in some harem, where they obviously still want to belong, as their dress code would imply !!

In our modern civilized society one does not want terrorists to hide under such garbs and perhaps hide weapons there as well ! Furthermore such incredibly stupid and retarded women, are quick to accuse anybody that voices their contempt for their idiocy in public, without realizing that this is only possible thanks to such people not having their face or identity covered !!

But the most stupid of all imbeciles, are the prime ministers and governments of western countries for allowing such medieval customs in today’s modern banks etc.…  all I can say is “shame on you Malcolm Turnbull and all your entourage !!”… “get some balls why don’t you !!”

Finally can anybody imagine the confusion if everybody went around with their faces covered: wake-up morons where’s your common sense ?!

Anonymously contributed.

One Muslim soldier died whist checking for a bomb !

From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: Tuesday, 2 August 2016 9:29 AM
To: ‘’
Subject: FW: One Muslim soldier died whist checking for a bomb

One Muslim soldier died whist checking for a bomb !

Big deal! What about the other 2 billion or so who did not ? There’s good and bad in every country, and the facts are that the relative proportions of the good versus the bad vary dramatically, as you move across the spectrum from whites to blacks and to Muslims.

 The Muslims have very little respect for human life: with their suicide bombers and all their bombs constantly going off… yes terrorist attacks in one place after another!

Do we want to turn our country into a living hell ? It’s ridiculous that morons would try to insinuate that one good Muslim would change anything: Wake up you demented Half-wits !!

Anonymously contributed.


The ‘terror shows’ often live on TV are enough !!

From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: Sunday, 24 July 2016 11:57 AM
To: ‘’
Subject: FW: The ‘terror shows’ often live on TV are enough !!

The ‘terror shows’ often live on TV are enough !!

The authorities are such moronic imbecilic fuckwits … unfortunately they lack an astronomical IQ and often look in vain for clues to Islamic connections! Stop being stupid: he was an Iranian rather than a German… most of those people do not integrate, such that it’s meaningless for them to have dual citizenships! His claim that he was German was hollow!

What religion was he… why isn’t this news… nobody has bothered to mention it ! (???) All that those inbred morons need to be influenced, is to see their fellow brethren all over the world committing these atrocities live on TV – in their own living room to be influenced: there’s your link you demented fuckwits !!

Anonymously contributed.

Subject: Good on ya Merkel: REAP YOUR REWARDS !! you stupid woman!

Good on ya Merkel: REAP YOUR REWARDS: you stupid woman !!

Keep bringing them in by the millions you stupid woman!

“Mass shooting in Munich: Iranian-German involved. Many kids dead!”

Races, breeds, statistics and probability!

Subject: Races, breeds, statistics and probability!

“There’s all this talk about having to be ‘politically correct’… what is it about politicians that makes them so stupid and ignorant.., far worse than any peasant I’ve ever known?
In some languages there’s no difference between “races” and “breeds” i.e. a sub-group within the same species… e.g. one would say “what race of dog is that?”… yet we seem to make a difference between human “breeds” and dog “breeds”… the former are all coequal as if they were all members of some sort of holy trinity, whereas the latter are all different and it is generally accepted that they have different traits!

It’s the some ‘bloody’ thing that all those PC fuckwits don’t want to admit: black people are predisposed to aggression and violence just like pit-bulls are… also some breeds of dogs are predisposed to having a high degree of intelligence e.g. German shepherds, border collies and poodles. Others are supposedly very stupid.,. e.g. the whippet, the greyhound and the Afghan… the same applies to human “breeds”!

Some dogs are renowned for particular traits e.g. tracking scents and smells – such as the blood-hound! Likewise Aborigines make good trackers!
I really don’t know why I bothered to do a university course in probability and statistics when it’s supposedly not PC correct to use such knowledge! Apparently one’s not supposed to acknowledge that most crimes are committed by ‘blacks’ and ‘aborigines’, so as to be able to take sensible precautions!

And ridiculously ‘middle-eastern’ looking people complain of being profiled or singled out at air-ports!! LOL… what’s the point of statistics and probability if one is not willing to learn any lessons! The same goes for blacks complaining of being ‘profiled’ or stereotyped in shops etc.
One thing that really annoys me, is when the media always mentions the ethnicity of a white man that commits a crime, but always refrains when it’s a black or aborigine,,, and then they ridiculously ask for information from the public when they give them nothing to go on! LOL

Yes governments should be able to look at our migrant forces and predict which ethnicities are productive and which tend to gravitate to the unemployment benefits… e.g. it’s pointless to argue that just because we brought in Italians, Greeks and Vietnamese, we should also bring in middle-easterners and blacks… the 2 groups are completely different.
I wish all these fuckwits would wake-up, and stop listening to moronic, leftist, gays and feminists!”
Anonymously contributed.