Should churches be able to fire gay teachers?

Australia has been debating the issue of discrimination against both gay students and gay teachers, and the various politicians see the issue involving students as far more clear-cut than the case involving teachers, (the reason given is that churches are entitled to control what’s being taught at their churches, and to make sure that it’s in harmony with their teachings).

However, I see the whole exercise as ridiculously stupid! If such moronic imbeciles as gay students or gay teachers, actually desire to go to such church-schools, than as far as I’m concerned they deserve all the discrimination the churches can muster!

Are they that devoid of mental faculties, that they don’t realise that their behaviour is tantamount to people who object to the death penalty, actually going to court for their right to be allowed to take up the job as executioners!

It’s bloody insane what’s going on! I say that churches are completely within their rights to toss all these gay faggots – whether students or teachers – out of their midst! And whilst they’re at it, let them also kick all these bloody gay priest out also, so that they are not tempted by having such a privileged position! People should realise that it’s not up to the churches to legislate on such matters, as their hand should be already tied by what God , Jesus and Paul – plus the rest of the Bible – say on the matter: namely that it’s an abomination deserving of death – as happened to Sodom and Gomorrah!

Now why do these imbeciles want to take legal action so that they can associate and work, for an organisation that is supposed to put such deviant “bastards” to death! They obviously have close to zero for an IQ, and I certainly wouldn’t want such stupid morons teaching any child of mine!

Frank Pio Russo.

Sexual harassment and the ultimate fake news!

There is no way that anybody can become a star in this demonic world without first compromising oneself… such a fantasy is only a facade fabricated by the devil to hide his influence!

And now all this fake news about sexual harassment!? In my opinion- all these “sluts”are claiming all this impropriety in a totally mock display of fake piety – ! ‘Yes all these immoral sluts are really saints who have been ‘tainted’ by the likes of a Weinstein’! Give me a break!!

Well I’m not buying any of it! All this mock news and fake morality that’s suddenly emerged, is no more than a ploy by the Devil to try and plaster over all the evils of society… “No we’re not really Sodom and Gomorrah with all our gays and transsexuals and permissiveness of all sorts… we’re really paragons of morality and ethics!?”

Most of these protagonists are totally immoral and now appear and make out they’re disturbed by any mild sexual harassment… all I can say is that they’re very good actors!

Ben Scott.

Satanic law of “reversal” behind the gay marriage success.

Satanic law of “reversal” behind the gay marriage success.

Frank Pio Russo – November 17, 2017.

Should one be surprised at the recent success of the gay marriage lobby? Definitely not! Humankind wants to do its own thing, and it’s no wonder that as its mass destruction becomes imminent, most of them would align themselves with Satan the Devil and bring about a mass Sodom-and-Gomorrah syndrome!

In actual fact it’s quite straightforward and was all predicted by probably none other than the Devil himself – in the Bible! Yes! In the last days there would be a total corrosion of any semblance of morality! And this is in total harmony with the known procedures of the Devil’s modus operandi, which actually has a well known name which aptly describes what the devil’s aims are!

The process is known as “reversal” and as the term implies, involves taking the opposite position to any obvious divinely instituted matter. For example if you were born a male, the Devil would foster you becoming a “trannie” and going against the natural order by converting yourself into some sort of female. Conversely, if you were a female the opposite would be on the cards for you… depending on how gullible and easily led you may be! Likewise the satanic cross is supposed to be an upside-down version or reversal of the known pagan symbol! Likewise, from what I’ve been told, similar processes apply to Satanic masses and most demonic ceremonies!

Yet the ignorant masses are mostly unaware, that the churches are just another extension of the Satanic empire! Yes the Devil is in charge of both sides as he’s the “God of this system of things”! So, should one be surprised that the principle of “reversal” would be brought into play with gay marriage – where the natural Godly ordained way is supposed to be a marriage between a man and a woman? Not at all! We well know the Devil’s position in this matter, and should of course not be surprised at God’s destructive response: which we’ve seen before with Sodom and Gomorrah!

So in conclusion, do not be misled as you do reap what you sow!

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps. – Further evidence for such demonic thought processes is the reversal of lyrics in the satanic back-masking in many pop songs!

Gays are illiterate with their “love is love” argument!

Gays are illiterate with their “love is love” argument!

Frank Pio Russo – September 26, 2017.

All these half-wits are parroting the argument that “love is Love” and also the scripture from 1 Corinthians which says “the greatest of these is love”.

However they are no more than illiterate morons: the New Testament has 4 words for love and the most commonly referred to is “agape” or ‘principle love’, and this is what these scriptures parroted around are referring to! They are not talking about sexual love or “eros” which takes place between heterosexuals and also between homosexuals!

Where are all these Bible scholars hiding – why aren’t they speaking up?

Frank Pio Russo.

Gay and rainbow are very inappropriate terms for homosexuals !

Gay and rainbow are very inappropriate terms for homosexuals !

Anonymous – September 20, 2017.

Homosexuals are extremely outrageous and inappropriate individuals… so much so that they seem to have managed to hoodwink a lot of people into calling them gays, and associating them with the divine symbol of the rainbow!

And as far as them stealing the rainbow colours – what the “hell” do these have to do with homosexuality and by what stretch of the imagination can one possibly apply them to homosexuals? In fact I was discussing the matter with a visitor to my place, and he cleverly said that “in view of the fact that anal sex is closely associated with faeces, the colours of brown and beige would be far more appropriate! Brown for the shit and beige for the vomit it induces in onlookers!”

Personally I have no hate for such deluded individuals… I only feel very sorry for them, as they are going to reap the consequences of their actions: diseases for now, and total destruction into the figurative lake of fire – at the end!

Anonymously contributed.

Ps. rather than “gays”… “black dogs” – (a term referring to depressed individuals) – seems far more appropriate, as most of them are very troubled by their own behaviour, especially in their early days before their conscience becomes callous!

Gay marriage and calling garlic a rose!

Calling a homosexual union “marriage” is akin to calling garlic a rose!

Frank Pio Russo – September 19, 2017.

As a nation, we can legislate that from now on ‘garlic’ will be called a ‘rose’, so as to make all the smelly people acceptable to everybody!

But what would we really be doing? We would simply just be exposing how stupid and ridiculous we are… totally devoid of any intelligence and common sense! Sure some people who like me occasionally ate garlic and were called “garlico” in the late 60s, when garlic was very unpopular at school, might actually feel better about themselves, however does that mean that we should call a murderer by some less offensive term, or actually give a paedophile its literal meaning as one who likes and cares for children, rather than one who abuses them?

I believe in calling a spade exactly what it is, for the simple reason that garlic is still going to “stink” by whatever new appellation one might want to attribute to it! In other words, those who find anal ‘shitty’ sex repellent, are still going to feel the same way no matter what name one gives to it!

So in conclusion let’s be grown-up about this issue, and stop trying to confuse and muddying the waters.

Frank Pio Russo.

The linguistic shortcomings that ensue if a “gay union” becomes a ‘marriage’ !

The linguistic shortcomings that ensue if a “gay union” becomes a ‘marriage’ !

Frank Pio Russo – September 16, 2017.

Although these days I’m no longer engrossed in Bible research, that does not mean that I’ve forgotten what I’ve learnt in the past. Of interest to our topic under discussion, is how the super-famous scholar – Walter Martin – attempted to tear down a view of ‘hell’ that went against orthodox Christianity – as held by the major churches – in his top-selling book “The Kingdom of the Cults”.

Some of the minor religions which he termed “cults”, considered the Hebrew word sheol and how it was translated into English in the King James Bible, (i.e. 31 times as “grave”, 31 times as “hell” and 3 times as “pit”), and argued that it should be consistently as the grave all 65 times! This being of course consistent with the Bible’s view that death is something like sleep where the soul (or ‘breather’) is awaiting a resurrection.

Now the argument that Walter advanced, was the fact that the Hebrew word which from memory was lechem, can mean a whole range of things, e.g. meat, fish, bread, poultry etc. And one might tend to agree with him, if one goes through a Webster unabridged dictionary or through the Oxford long dictionary, as one can plainly see there, the many shades of meaning for many different words. However, this can easily be rebutted because it is still true that most words still retain their ‘primary’ usage, and as for his example – that can easily be shot down in flames: think about it! If its primary meaning is the collective term “food”, then it could denote any type of food and the context would tell the translator what food to translate it as.

Naturally, the sheol argument is a bit more complicated, as the Hebrews had some sort of concept of a common grave for the whole of mankind – as opposed to a single memorial tomb. Furthermore, the pagan doctrines of the immortality of the soul and the doctrine of hell-fire were lurking in the translators’ minds… the latter perpetrated through the usage of Gehenna which had developed through the rubbish dump in the Valley of Hinnom, where it was the cadavers of criminals that burned with fire and sulphur (rather than an immortal soul), and worms seemed to always be lurking around hence a reference to the immortal worm!

Applying the above to the current “gay marriage” question, and in view of the fact that there can be about 7 different sorts of unions, (e.g. current marriage, buggar union, lesbian, bestial, polygamy, polyandry, and polyamory – without mentioning the more temporary necrophilia), one runs the risk of committing the same stupid error or linguistic pitfall that Walter Martin and most translators fell into! Furthermore, such confusion might lead many youths astray, thinking that gayness and homosexuality are an equivalent expression to the normal heterosexual marriage!? When in reality nothing could be further from the truth!

In conclusion then, there would be no point to languages, if every specific term – like marriage – would be camouflaged into becoming a non-sensical collective term simply to appease the sensibilities of ‘idiots’ who obviously know they’re doing the wrong thing and going against nature, and want the affirmation of Christians knowing full well what the Bible says about homosexuality and Sodom and Gomorrah! If they want to, let these ‘idiots’ for want of a better word, continue sinning against their own bodies – but please don’t try to bring all the rest of us into disrepute!

Frank Pio Russo.

If homosexual from birth.

What about the rare case of one who is a homosexual from birth?

Frank Pio Russo – September 11, 2017.

Although I have always maintained that homosexuals are made and become such… that was not always my conviction. I used to think that they may have been born as such, till I voiced this opinion to both Sabatino and Nicolo. These two were so convinced of their facts, that they both started ridiculing and laughing at me, as if I was a big fool! Then they went on to recount how next to the river Calore near Benevento, many youths used to bathe naked, and every now and then one of them would get abused by some homosexual, and would in turn himself learn to be a homosexual.

In harmony with the above, I recalled the strong warmth and feelings that I temporarily felt for this male friend, when I was 9 and he helped me cope with my mother’s death! Yes homosexuality is learnt behaviour… all to do with conditioning. However one must remember that there are such things as DNA transcription errors, hence one can’t deny the rare possibility, that one might have been actually born with homosexual tendencies: what is one to do in that case?

Well, I recall the advice of the supposed Apostle Paul – (possibly in reality Apollonius) – in reference to hair length, exhorting men to have short hair: his advice was that one should learn from nature where a man’s hair does not generally tend to grow as long as a woman’s! Likewise, one with homosexual tendencies, should have enough brains to realize that the anus is for defecating, rather than for sex and procreation… i.e. it’s meant for “shit” waste, rather than precious and live semen! Some who ignore such common sense, have actually ended up with anal cancer, like I believe an SBS newsreader has… (despite being a health fanatic!).

I am sure that many Christians have – over the years – had homosexual tendencies. However one must have these under control, rather than abandoning oneself to such unnatural and unhealthy tendencies. Homosexuals must be real moronic imbeciles, if they’re too dumb to see the insanity of what they’re doing!

I’ll be voting “no” in the coming postal survey and I hope you do the same.

Finally, perhaps, my subconscious senses that I would derive great pleasure in squillions of years time, to correct any faulty DNA in some of these unfortunate cases where sexual attraction has gone astray!

Frank Pio Russo.

The “gay marriage” question!

The ultimate truth about the “gay marriage” question!

Frank Pio Russo – September 09 2017.

In view of the fact that I’ve been able to dismantle the einsteinian relativity, some people have paraded me as the most rational brain around the place! As such, I would like to extend the benefit of my wisdom to the current “gay marriage” question.

First of all, the truth is that it’s nothing to do with equality for as Senator Abetz has stated, there have been about 84 pieces of legislation that have fixed that problem, such that no discrimination now takes place!

Secondly, it has nothing to do with love: some people actually love money more than anything else – does that mean that we should legislate for such a marriage of sorts? The “marriage” term is a very specific technical word to denote the basic unit from which our society grows, through the creation and bringing up of children in a proper environment: i.e. if a gay relationship fails, a gay person with no biological ties to the children, can just walk away claiming he or she has no further responsibility to his or her children, which are in turn left in limbo!? The latter is of course not true in the real and true marriage.

I’ve got no qualms with gays choosing their own specific term for their gay union… even terms that may – at the current time – be considered as offensive, can in time become quite respectable if put in common usage, as their connotation changes. Why should they be allowed to steal the specific term of a heterosexual union?

There are many types of unions around, and any good language should have specific terms so that people can differentiate one from the others… for example there are:

1) Heterosexual union which is specifically denoted by the term “marriage”.

2) Lesbian union which is between two women.

3) Bugger union which is between 2 men.

4) Polyamory union which is between more than two partners.

5) Polyandry union which is between a woman and many men.

6) Bestiality union which is between a man and a beast.

7) Polygamy union which is between a man and more than one woman.

Our languages are all dynamic and constantly changing… there are new words added to our dictionaries at every new edition… why not have these groups coin their own specific term that they are happy with?!

Finally, all hell broke loose when Senator Cory Bernardi claimed that such a contemplated legislation, would be the thin edge of the wedge… i.e. would bestiality be next? Personally I believe that if one is keen to insert his most private and intimate member of his body into a “shit hole”, nothing is out of the question – not even necrophilia! And the only reason I haven’t included the latter in the list, is because a dead body tends to rot and not to be around for a permanent union!

Please… if you’ve got any brains and common-sense vote no to the coming postal survey and let your politicians know how you feel about it all.

Frank Pio Russo.

Transsexuals and gays: humouring them is actually putting the cart in front of the horse !

Transsexuals and gays: humouring them is actually putting the cart in front of the horse !

Frank Pio Russo – September 01, 2017.

The ABC is always pushing the gay “envelope” further and further! This morning the agenda was that the transsexuals are all very depressed and suicidal, and they want the governments to spend all this money to educate the public about their issues!

However from my experience, I tend to agree with the psychiatric practice of past centuries… these issues are all symptoms of both conditioning and deep seated mental illness, and to humour them is really tantamount to placing a cart in front of a horse ! For instance, the incidence of homosexuality was always constant at 1% of the population for centuries till people started to humour and publicize these issues recently.

All the transsexuals I’ve known about were unstable to begin with, and the issues of gender and sexuality only served to compound their problems… allowing these things to fester and gain public approval is counterproductive and would only serve to ruining our fabric of society.

Of course I see no harm in treating these people’s mental problems: but it’s these people that need the educating and the treatment rather than the rest of society, and it’s still society in general that should dictate what’s acceptable and what is not. I hope you don’t advocate the destruction of the “family” as a basic unit of society!

A concerned citizen.