Muslim migration and the scam of Halal food certification!

From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: Monday, 3 December 2018 11:34 PM
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Subject: A summary of some of my past ideas on refugees, and a message from Senator Bernardi about halal foods.

Hi there,

If you’ve been reading some of my past emails in recent years, you’d no doubt recall how I used to spend a lot of time, on the very negative aspects of Muslim immigration. Some of these messages have survived to be incorporated in my very popular blog – . Some of those ideas that were highlighted, were things such as the fact that an honest reading of the Koran, would show it to be a very violent political ideology! And any Muslim at all, could unpredictably decide at any time, to take up terrorism! And how would you try and stop such behaviour, when all they’d need is a vehicle of some sort, in a crowded area, to commit mass murder!

Other points that I used to dwell on, were for one – the fact that blacks and Muslims were a very different group to the migrants of times gone by! E.g. Greeks, Italians and Vietnamese! Plus it was a fact that the Muslim migrants were not assimilating, and tended to gravitate around social security and unemployment benefits! However, in more recent times I have spent most of my energy in dealing with scientific matters.

Well today, I was reminded by Senator Bernardi of my strong past views, and how I used to relate the fact that Halal certification of our foods, was a big money-making scam! He mentioned how the Australian Senate considered this issue, and made some recommendations, which the government has thus far not bothered to implement! (?) If you wish you can show support for his petition, to get the government to follow through on these recommendations.

NB – I’m not really endorsing any political party, but rather simply helping in putting an end  to a scam, that many people have mentioned as possibly providing funds for terrorism activities! Plus I’ll add my earlier message from this morning, summarizing the refugee issue, and what some doctors were claiming on TV this morning.

Frank, we must put a stop to the halal racket.

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Dear Frank,

I’m grateful for your support when you added your name demanding action on halal certification.

Three years ago I moved for a Senate inquiry into this industry which found the halal certification industry is riddled with scams and rorts.

It’s a racket and for 3 years the government has done nothing to put a stop to it.

Frank, like you, I can’t accept that.

Australians are fed up with governments that won’t listen or act. That’s why last week I introduced a Bill to implement the Senate committee recommendations.

We have since learned that Parliament will barely sit before the election which means our Bill won’t pass without more public support. The Australian public’s anger over the halal scam needs rock-solid votes in the Senate.

We need more Conservative Party Senators to see an end to the halal racket.

For change on halal, we need to work together.

To help get the numbers needed to stop the halal racket we need your help. Please help us by forwarding this email on to your friends and family.

I’ll Show My Support
Australia can’t afford to put this off any longer.  We must put a stop to the halal racket and whatever support you can provide will help make all the difference.

Cory Bernardi
Australian Conservatives Leader

P.S. We need more common sense voices in the Senate to defend our country and our way of life.

You can support our campaign to end the halal certification racket by chipping into our campaign fund.