Some more info about the refugees situation!

Some sort of report about the refugees on Nauru, was being publicised this morning. As usual, it’s medical doctors trying to alarm everybody as to the plight of these refugees.

It’s all very well for these ‘bleeding hearts’ and ‘do-gooders’, to parrot their medical knowledge about, without any regard or care for any resulting consequences from what they are suggesting (?)

Look I myself, could start raving on about being very generous and welcoming everybody to Australia, and encouraging our federal government to splash all sorts of funds toward any refugees! However I am a realist with a laterally gifted brain, and do not suffer from tunnel vision! What I’ve found in having a lot to do with many medical doctors, is that sure – they had passed the exams that their medical schools had presented to them… but too many of them were just simply very good regurgitators, using their good memory to rehash everything they’d been exposed to, through their medical textbooks. Very few of them actually stop and digest what they are learning and question everything – and the few that do, well they actually hop-out of patient care and often move into medical research.

The big argument advanced, was that 30% of these refugees had attempted suicide! However one has to consider that these refugees are very calculating individuals, and such self-harm initiatives are no-more than their only weapon in their arsenal… and its usage is employed to give all these so-called human-rights lawyers and doctors and social workers, more leverage for their arguments against the government’s position.

If these moronic doctors had any real IQ to go with their medical knowledge, they’d ask themselves a very revealing question, and that is “how many of this massive number of refugees had actually died through suicide?”… What they’d find is that only  2 of them had died through suicide! And this means that such a rate is much, much smaller than in the general Australian population!

These stupid doctors claim also that 2/3 of these refugees had lost control over their life! However, it’s obvious that such refugees knew very well what was in store for them, especially since in most of their cases they had used documents to enter Indonesia, and subsequently burnt these so that the Australian authorities had no idea as to where to send them to repatriate them!

Some other main points raised, are that many of these refugees had developed mental illnesses such as “resignation syndrome”… they felt helpless knowing that they were being used as pawns, to discourage others from following their course. However, once again it’s so easy to mimic some psychotic manifestations, in the hope of winning concessions… plus I’m sure that those refugees did not expect some sort of holiday camp awaiting them.

Furthermore, as I’ve mentioned before: most people in the rest of the world would probably want to come to Australia! Certainly the rest of Indonesia, plus all those people from Papua New Guinea – but can we afford to be swamped with almost 7 billion refugees… certainly not! And it’s no wonder that all the locals on Nauru and Papua, feel resentment towards these refugees, and would like to bash them, as they see them on a big “free lunch” and having all their needs catered for by the Australian government!

We’ve got a multitude of our own destitute mental patients, that nobody is caring two hoots about! We should help our own people before attempting to be altruistic! What’s more many of our pensioners can’t afford to eat proper regular meals, whilst all these refugees are getting well catered for! However most of these so-called refugees aren’t here for the basics of life, as most of them are really “economic migrants” with massive capitalistic plans… their usual goals are to open some sort of business and become very rich, and then travel to their countries of origin posing about their newly acquired wealth!

If these “illegal vagrants” – (that are no more than vermin – just like a friend called Robyn called the non-native doves, and ordered me never to feed them!) – were really true refugees, they would not be insisting on bypassing other countries like India or Indonesia, whist having Australia as their goal! But rather, they would settle for some other country where the cost of living is not as expensive – such a proposition would make much more sense, as their needs would be much more easily met in such a country. However this is not what these illegal, vagrant, vermin, are aiming for ! (???) Instead they are dreaming of becoming entrepreneurs and millionaire businessmen,  at the expense of our government which is simply expected to gullibly fund every desire of theirs!

Most of the imbecilic, moronic, public, that shows support for these vagrants, are totally unaware that these illegals are here to steal their resources from under them, and disrupt every area of their life! Are they going to be happy when they can’t access medical help, because all these vagrants are hogging the system? What about when their bus doesn’t bother to stop because it’s already too full? I’m sure they’re not going to enjoy travelling like sardines – to and from work for hours ever day – as the congestion intensifies!

In conclusion, these stupid doctors were complaining that the refugees are being used as pawns! Such morons! What do they want the Australian government to do? Roll out a red carpet and have a welcoming committee with an orchestra playing music! These refugees knew what to expect, as the Australian government publicised with all sorts of ads in these countries of origin, that nobody was going to be allowed to settle in Australia by coming here illegally by boats! 

Yes Mr Dutton! Carry on with your great work, and we know that hopefully Mr Morrison will continue to back you up – seeing that he did such a wonderful job, doing  your sort of work so well in the past!

Frank Pio Russo.