The intelligent truth about the lack of infrastructure!

Whilst the average person is constantly complaining about all the unwanted  migrants, refugees, and all sorts of vagrants and vermin that are trying to push their way into our country, all the greedy businessmen are pushing the opposite view, for the simple reason that “more people shopping equals bigger profits!”

On the rational side of the argument, is the fact that the schools are full, and the roads are congested, also the buses are overcrowded and the waiting time for treatment in hospitals’ emergency areas is ballooning out and totally unacceptable! Now the roads’ congestion also leads to very excessive travelling time for going to and from work! Look in short our country is already too full and very overloaded! And thank God for our Prime Minister to see the light and come to rescue the situation: “Good on you Morrison!”

In contrast to the foregoing, we’ve got all the irrational detractors who want to take advantage, of all these mainly illiterate hordes of people that have been flooding in! And their argument is that it’s all our governments’ fault for not keeping up with the providing of more and more infrastructure!(?).

What a big, fat, monstrous lie! It’s not the job of our Australian Government to provide infrastructure for all the displaced people of our planet! Who exactly is supposed to provide all the billions required for such a venture? Are all these “bastard” businessmen who are licking their lips and salivating at the prospect of all these new customers flocking into our country, going to provide all these billions of dollars? Of course not! Actually quite the opposite, because not only do these bastards expect our country to sell itself to the Chinese, in order to get more loans for these projects – but they also expect our governments to get more and more into debt, in order to provide all the necessary things for these penniless vagrants !(???) And guess where all the money – that these vagrant vermin are expected to spend, at these bastard businessmen s shops – is expected to come from? Why… more loans from the Chinese of course!

Look  I almost think that all of us hard-working citizens, might do better to emigrate out of this moronic and imbecilic country which is intent on committing economic suicide and flushing itself down the toilet!

However we’ll find it rather hard to get into some successful country, simply because most of these countries to not dispense and part with their riches! I mean how many migrants is China or Japan taking in? Very close to zero! If anything they attempt to kick out any other ethnicity other than their own… e.g. some of the Muslims that are in China… as well as dispossessing many of the Tibetans out of their own country!

Wake-up Australia! Don’t be totally stupid and insane, (like most Victorians have been very recently), in voting for Labour! That’s the very party that is constantly wanting to sell and destroy our country, for the benefit of foreigners – whether banks or individuals! And I guess their ridiculous motivation, is that most of these vagrants that come here, will vote for them, simply because they know that the Labour Party is willing to flush our country down the toilet for their benefit!

Please Mr Morrison, continue in the path you’ve recently started walking in! Perhaps a government funded advertising campaign – highlighting all these facts that I’ve mentioned – might be in order!

Frank Pio Russo.