Automatic citizenship as a birth-right is a ridiculous idea!

Mr President please carry on with your great agenda! And don’t worry about those stupid Democrats – you can “Trump” them anytime you feel like it –  they’re such morons!

Look the insistence on wanting to make the off-springs of illegal “criminals”, genuine citizens of the US, is like maintaining that all criminals who steal from a shopping centre should go to jail! – But should one of their women give birth in one of the toilets on the particular shopping centre, then that child is allowed to shoplift with impunity for his or her entire life from that shopping centre! 

Look s far as I am concerned, it’s as stupid as the god whom the primitive Jews concocted – thanks to the alphabet they received very early through the Phoenicians – that imbecilic god supposedly legislated that if a rapist was consenting to marry the woman he’d raped, then he would not be punished! (???) Yes that is equally as ridiculous as any of the above mentioned items.

Frank Pio Russo.