The linguistic shortcomings that ensue if a “gay union” becomes a ‘marriage’ !

The linguistic shortcomings that ensue if a “gay union” becomes a ‘marriage’ !

Frank Pio Russo – September 16, 2017.

Although these days I’m no longer engrossed in Bible research, that does not mean that I’ve forgotten what I’ve learnt in the past. Of interest to our topic under discussion, is how the super-famous scholar – Walter Martin – attempted to tear down a view of ‘hell’ that went against orthodox Christianity – as held by the major churches – in his top-selling book “The Kingdom of the Cults”.

Some of the minor religions which he termed “cults”, considered the Hebrew word sheol and how it was translated into English in the King James Bible, (i.e. 31 times as “grave”, 31 times as “hell” and 3 times as “pit”), and argued that it should be consistently as the grave all 65 times! This being of course consistent with the Bible’s view that death is something like sleep where the soul (or ‘breather’) is awaiting a resurrection.

Now the argument that Walter advanced, was the fact that the Hebrew word which from memory was lechem, can mean a whole range of things, e.g. meat, fish, bread, poultry etc. And one might tend to agree with him, if one goes through a Webster unabridged dictionary or through the Oxford long dictionary, as one can plainly see there, the many shades of meaning for many different words. However, this can easily be rebutted because it is still true that most words still retain their ‘primary’ usage, and as for his example – that can easily be shot down in flames: think about it! If its primary meaning is the collective term “food”, then it could denote any type of food and the context would tell the translator what food to translate it as.

Naturally, the sheol argument is a bit more complicated, as the Hebrews had some sort of concept of a common grave for the whole of mankind – as opposed to a single memorial tomb. Furthermore, the pagan doctrines of the immortality of the soul and the doctrine of hell-fire were lurking in the translators’ minds… the latter perpetrated through the usage of Gehenna which had developed through the rubbish dump in the Valley of Hinnom, where it was the cadavers of criminals that burned with fire and sulphur (rather than an immortal soul), and worms seemed to always be lurking around hence a reference to the immortal worm!

Applying the above to the current “gay marriage” question, and in view of the fact that there can be about 7 different sorts of unions, (e.g. current marriage, buggar union, lesbian, bestial, polygamy, polyandry, and polyamory – without mentioning the more temporary necrophilia), one runs the risk of committing the same stupid error or linguistic pitfall that Walter Martin and most translators fell into! Furthermore, such confusion might lead many youths astray, thinking that gayness and homosexuality are an equivalent expression to the normal heterosexual marriage!? When in reality nothing could be further from the truth!

In conclusion then, there would be no point to languages, if every specific term – like marriage – would be camouflaged into becoming a non-sensical collective term simply to appease the sensibilities of ‘idiots’ who obviously know they’re doing the wrong thing and going against nature, and want the affirmation of Christians knowing full well what the Bible says about homosexuality and Sodom and Gomorrah! If they want to, let these ‘idiots’ for want of a better word, continue sinning against their own bodies – but please don’t try to bring all the rest of us into disrepute!

Frank Pio Russo.