Satanic law of “reversal” behind the gay marriage success.

Satanic law of “reversal” behind the gay marriage success.

Frank Pio Russo – November 17, 2017.

Should one be surprised at the recent success of the gay marriage lobby? Definitely not! Humankind wants to do its own thing, and it’s no wonder that as its mass destruction becomes imminent, most of them would align themselves with Satan the Devil and bring about a mass Sodom-and-Gomorrah syndrome!

In actual fact it’s quite straightforward and was all predicted by probably none other than the Devil himself – in the Bible! Yes! In the last days there would be a total corrosion of any semblance of morality! And this is in total harmony with the known procedures of the Devil’s modus operandi, which actually has a well known name which aptly describes what the devil’s aims are!

The process is known as “reversal” and as the term implies, involves taking the opposite position to any obvious divinely instituted matter. For example if you were born a male, the Devil would foster you becoming a “trannie” and going against the natural order by converting yourself into some sort of female. Conversely, if you were a female the opposite would be on the cards for you… depending on how gullible and easily led you may be! Likewise the satanic cross is supposed to be an upside-down version or reversal of the known pagan symbol! Likewise, from what I’ve been told, similar processes apply to Satanic masses and most demonic ceremonies!

Yet the ignorant masses are mostly unaware, that the churches are just another extension of the Satanic empire! Yes the Devil is in charge of both sides as he’s the “God of this system of things”! So, should one be surprised that the principle of “reversal” would be brought into play with gay marriage – where the natural Godly ordained way is supposed to be a marriage between a man and a woman? Not at all! We well know the Devil’s position in this matter, and should of course not be surprised at God’s destructive response: which we’ve seen before with Sodom and Gomorrah!

So in conclusion, do not be misled as you do reap what you sow!

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps. – Further evidence for such demonic thought processes is the reversal of lyrics in the satanic back-masking in many pop songs!