If homosexual from birth.

What about the rare case of one who is a homosexual from birth?

Frank Pio Russo – September 11, 2017.

Although I have always maintained that homosexuals are made and become such… that was not always my conviction. I used to think that they may have been born as such, till I voiced this opinion to both Sabatino and Nicolo. These two were so convinced of their facts, that they both started ridiculing and laughing at me, as if I was a big fool! Then they went on to recount how next to the river Calore near Benevento, many youths used to bathe naked, and every now and then one of them would get abused by some homosexual, and would in turn himself learn to be a homosexual.

In harmony with the above, I recalled the strong warmth and feelings that I temporarily felt for this male friend, when I was 9 and he helped me cope with my mother’s death! Yes homosexuality is learnt behaviour… all to do with conditioning. However one must remember that there are such things as DNA transcription errors, hence one can’t deny the rare possibility, that one might have been actually born with homosexual tendencies: what is one to do in that case?

Well, I recall the advice of the supposed Apostle Paul – (possibly in reality Apollonius) – in reference to hair length, exhorting men to have short hair: his advice was that one should learn from nature where a man’s hair does not generally tend to grow as long as a woman’s! Likewise, one with homosexual tendencies, should have enough brains to realize that the anus is for defecating, rather than for sex and procreation… i.e. it’s meant for “shit” waste, rather than precious and live semen! Some who ignore such common sense, have actually ended up with anal cancer, like I believe an SBS newsreader has… (despite being a health fanatic!).

I am sure that many Christians have – over the years – had homosexual tendencies. However one must have these under control, rather than abandoning oneself to such unnatural and unhealthy tendencies. Homosexuals must be real moronic imbeciles, if they’re too dumb to see the insanity of what they’re doing!

I’ll be voting “no” in the coming postal survey and I hope you do the same.

Finally, perhaps, my subconscious senses that I would derive great pleasure in squillions of years time, to correct any faulty DNA in some of these unfortunate cases where sexual attraction has gone astray!

Frank Pio Russo.