Gay marriage and calling garlic a rose!

Calling a homosexual union “marriage” is akin to calling garlic a rose!

Frank Pio Russo – September 19, 2017.

As a nation, we can legislate that from now on ‘garlic’ will be called a ‘rose’, so as to make all the smelly people acceptable to everybody!

But what would we really be doing? We would simply just be exposing how stupid and ridiculous we are… totally devoid of any intelligence and common sense! Sure some people who like me occasionally ate garlic and were called “garlico” in the late 60s, when garlic was very unpopular at school, might actually feel better about themselves, however does that mean that we should call a murderer by some less offensive term, or actually give a paedophile its literal meaning as one who likes and cares for children, rather than one who abuses them?

I believe in calling a spade exactly what it is, for the simple reason that garlic is still going to “stink” by whatever new appellation one might want to attribute to it! In other words, those who find anal ‘shitty’ sex repellent, are still going to feel the same way no matter what name one gives to it!

So in conclusion let’s be grown-up about this issue, and stop trying to confuse and muddying the waters.

Frank Pio Russo.