Gay and rainbow are very inappropriate terms for homosexuals !

Gay and rainbow are very inappropriate terms for homosexuals !

Anonymous – September 20, 2017.

Homosexuals are extremely outrageous and inappropriate individuals… so much so that they seem to have managed to hoodwink a lot of people into calling them gays, and associating them with the divine symbol of the rainbow!

And as far as them stealing the rainbow colours – what the “hell” do these have to do with homosexuality and by what stretch of the imagination can one possibly apply them to homosexuals? In fact I was discussing the matter with a visitor to my place, and he cleverly said that “in view of the fact that anal sex is closely associated with faeces, the colours of brown and beige would be far more appropriate! Brown for the shit and beige for the vomit it induces in onlookers!”

Personally I have no hate for such deluded individuals… I only feel very sorry for them, as they are going to reap the consequences of their actions: diseases for now, and total destruction into the figurative lake of fire – at the end!

Anonymously contributed.

Ps. rather than “gays”… “black dogs” – (a term referring to depressed individuals) – seems far more appropriate, as most of them are very troubled by their own behaviour, especially in their early days before their conscience becomes callous!