Who is responsible for our electricity problems?

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Subject: FW: Further thoughts on our electricity problems!

The Labour Party’s usual excuse, is to try and confuse the issue by trying to blame the Liberals – going way back to when the Liberals privatised the Electricity Trust! However, if one goes that far back, then one should go back just a tiny bit further and it would be obvious as to why the Liberals privatised the electricity!! IT WAS SIMPLY BECAUSE THE BANNON LABOUR GOVERNMENT HAD BANKRUPTED THE STATE WITH ITS “STATE BANK” DEBACLE !!

 A second major problem is that these Labour people have literally “chased after the wind”! They’ve gone where there’s a great deal of wind… hundreds and hundreds of kilometres away from Adelaide – where most people live! Of course, the longer the transmission lines are the more likely it is that something bad will happen to them!

This was not a problem when we had the Torrens Power Station locally at Outer Harbour… even the fishermen were happy as the fish were attracted by the station’s warm water output!

In conclusion, such a vast and remote transmission should be reconsidered as to how suitable it really is.

Frank Pio Russo.

Who’s responsible for all the ills of the SA weather ?

 There is order in chaos and such a thing as synchronicity often applies to important people and events!

Hence it’s no accident that the SA Premier who has been presiding over all these disastrous catastrophes, is called “Weatherill” !

Has anybody actually itemized the 23 electricity towers that went down, or are we just taking the premier’s word for it? I seem to have kept seeing the same one, shown on TV over and over! And it seemed to have toppled over as if it was made out of butter it looked so weak that perhaps in my super-human bodybuilding/weightlifting days – when I could shift the front of a mini (somewhat) – I might have been able to topple it with my bare hands!

Let’s hear the engineers on this subject: were the winds involved actually that cyclonic or was it simply a case of very little money having been allocated for such things!

 And another matter I would appreciate having some light shed on , is what’s the use of being interconnected to Victoria if the connector is going to switch off every time you actually need it! And also, how much of a factor was the fact that the mix was about 41% renewable – such that the frequency of the electricity was therefore unstable?

This is the same sort of behaviour of the Rudd federal government… these Labour people are always very good at thoughtlessly throwing heaps of money at projects (e.g. the financial crisis and the NBN)… without realizing that there would usually be repercussions! (?) For example with all the astronomical money thrown at renewables – despite the fact that the state is broke – it’s caused an unaffordable (by many) rise in the cost of electricity making it the most expensive in the world !!

 It’s time that this state should start repairing itself, and this should definitely begin with the removal of JAY WEATHERILL immediately… followed by the kicking of the Labour Party out of office at the next state election – this is absolutely necessary.

Frank Pio Russo.



Plane crash investigations: dragged on forever ! (?)

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Subject: Plane crash investigations: dragged on forever ! (?)

Plane crash investigations: dragged on forever ! (?)

The bloody Australian government is always ready to get its chequebook out and throw money at worthless cases in favour of foreigners… e.g. Turnbull gave 10 million dollars for useless rain research by the Russians – and yet I haven’t even received a single cent! And so many millions after millions have been wasted in useless investigations chasing two Malaysian plane accidents?

In the first case, why wasn’t it left to Malaysia or better still to China – seeing most of the passengers were Chinese… why did bloody Australia even had to stick its f-cking nose into that affair ? Oh no… Abbott had to try and impress the foreigners with our largesse, when it was borrowed money he was using anyway (from the Chines of all people !! Utterly ridiculous!)

And as for the second bloody incident… it makes me so furious… all this nonsense about pursuing criminal charges… Bishop should stop with such nonsense – which she’s now been spouting for years! The real criminals were the Malaysian Airlines for sending their plane in a war zone… the only people that should be suing are the Russian/rebels for having had their expensive missile wasted on joy-riding tourists instead of their real target: the Ukrainians!


Some further points as to whether homosexuals are born as such !

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Subject: Some further points as to whether homosexuals are born as such !

Some further points as to whether homosexuals are born as such !

It was mentioned how naked youths swimming at a river spot, were often attacked by homosexuals and following such an introduction became homosexuals… (actually most homos can point to some childhood abuse of some sort!). Also that boys that are helped through very traumatic experiences – e.g. the death of a mother – often drew affectionately close to the boy helping them: of course there’s a lot more one could say: yes homosexuality is learnt behaviour!

For centuries it was considered as mental illness by the professionals, and its incidence remained constant at about 1% of the population. Then very recently – with the advent of films and television and all the rest of mass-media – such behaviour was popularized! And it spread like wildfire through the performing arts: so much so that TV-crews often get very offended when one mentions the facts of the matter! I’m glad that all these gays are being exposed as the real manipulators of public opinion : that the masses don’t think such rubbish at all, is being proven by the mass appeal of the much non-politically-correct Donald Trump!

Such deluded individuals want to feel good about themselves to the point of being totally blind and moronic: how could it possibly be something one’s born with when most of the carriers of such genes have not partaken in procreation throughout history! Such demented half-wits have no idea how difficult it is for most species to survive – let alone when they don’t breed!

The claim that such behaviour is normal is dealt a mortal blow very easily: are female gays actually born with a “dildo” around their waist? Ridiculously laughable isn’t it?  Such deviants often mention how canary males sometimes stray, however their sexual anatomy is virtually identical to the female (breeders often have trouble telling them apart!), furthermore all birds simply have one common hole for everything i.e. the cloaca!

It’s a very striking omission that none of the brainwashed homosexuals, ever mention faeces and horrible smells let alone diseases: it’s almost as if it were a very sanitary exercise… unbelievable isn’t it! It’s also truly despicable that they’ve gone to such great lengths so as to develop their own mannerisms and diction: this is truly learnt behaviour… indeed: one doesn’t just wake-up one day with a French or Chinese accent!

In view of the foregoing I say that if “buggary” is to be redefined as “marriage”, then you might as well call a ‘cat’ a ‘dog’ or “murdering someone” actually “saving someone”: one is an anathema to the other !! Please wake-up to the warped and deranged sense of ethics that the media portrays, they are in the gutter and wish you were there with them, so that they can feel better about themselves. DON’T GIVE THEM THAT PLEASURE!

Frank Pio Russo.

Deregulation of Shop Trading Hours.

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To: ‘Steven Marshall’
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Subject: RE: Deregulation of Shop Trading Hours


That’s wonderful music to my ears, I’m glad we won’t be living in ‘puritanical’ days anymore … the old Israelite days where there was the death penalty for particular things done on the Sabbath is long gone… and people do not need to have Sunday mornings reserved for church: nobody is going to stop them from going to church if they do desire!

It’s the people’s will that matters in these sort of things, and just like in Nehemiah’s day the people today want to trade etc. on their ‘holy’ days. We do not want to continue to copy Nehemiah who enacted laws to close the city gates and place guards there to stop trafficking!

Well done… I think the next election is in the ‘bag’!

Sincerely: Frank Pio Russo.

From: Steven Marshall [mailto:steven@stevenmarshall.com.au]
Sent: Saturday, 24 September 2016 10:31 AM
To: Frank (Francesco) Russo
Subject: Deregulation of Shop Trading Hours

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Frank (Francesco),

Today I have announced that if elected at the coming election, a Marshall Liberal Government will deregulate Adelaide’s shop trading hours.

Currently, Adelaide’s shop trading hours are restrictive and cumbersome.

Motor vehicles aren’t allowed to be sold on Sundays or public holidays, some shops in the CBD can’t open until 11am on a Sunday, some shops in the suburbs can’t open on public holidays, and some retail outlets on public holidays are prevented from selling some of their goods which they can sell on every other day.

That’s why, if elected to Government in 2018, the State Liberals will introduce amendments to the Shop Trading Hours Act to reduce red tape and liberalise trading hours based on the following principles:

Greater Adelaide Shopping District (CBD and suburbs)
Monday-Saturday – midnight to 9:00pm
Sunday and Public Holidays (except Christmas Day, Good Friday, Anzac Day morning) – midnight to 9:00pm
Proclaimed Shopping Districts
Monday-Saturday – midnight to 9:00pm
Sunday and Public Holidays (except Christmas Day, Good Friday, Anzac Day morning) – midnight to 9:00pm
Special rules for motor vehicles and boat sales be removed
Retail outlets won’t have to stop selling any of their products (eg some stores have to stop selling some of their goods) on certain days such as public holidays.
Our plan to deregulate shop trading hours will modernise the South Australian economy. Online shopping has changed the retail environment. I want consumers to have more choice and small businesses the flexibility to open their stores when they want!

Yours sincerely,

Steven Marshall

Steven Marshall
State Liberal Leader
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Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Member for Dunstan
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Unit 2, 90-94, The Parade, Norwood, SA, 5067


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Why the whole world is being abused by the US Dollar!

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Subject: Why the whole world is being abused by the US Dollar!

Why the whole world is being abused by the US Dollar!

Apparently the US reserve bank or Federal Reserve gets its money from Jewish bankers – presumably the Rothschild’s – and the latter are or are very close to being trillionaires, and behind every political manoeuvre in this corrupt world!

You’ve no doubt heard how the US has been constantly printing all this money for a very long time! Well in 2002 I placed a message on the DBA forum saying that the US could run budget deficits of a trillion dollars or even more, and all that would happen was that it would suck in everybody else’s money from all over the world! My post was quickly made to disappear!

Well the truth of the matter is that our whole planet is being abused by this US dollar currency, simply because of its central role as “moneta franca” in a similar way to how English is the ‘lingua franca’ and all the other languages are disappearing as its direct consequence! They can print as much as they like and it will retain its value simply as a result of its privileged role: what is really happening is that everybody else’s money in the whole world is constantly being devalued despite superficially appearing to be retaining the status quo: yes my words in 2002 were prophetic… it is really sucking all the money from the rest of the world into the US!

Unfortunately it’s a sad fact that countries such as Russia , China, India, Brazil and everybody else – are being played for suckers! Bill Barbari was actually wrong when he said in August of 1999 – in Norwood’s Café’ Bravo – that the US was raping all the Arab countries: it’s actually the whole world – and everybody seems to be happy about it – pleasantly going along with it!

Anonymously contributed.

Give pensioners a car allowance.

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Sent: Tuesday, 20 September 2016 11:41 PM
To: ‘norbie.cask@gmail.com’
Subject: Do something for our local pensioners instead of those “foreign” refugees!

Do something for our local pensioners instead of the “foreign” refugees!

 To our government:

Look our pensioners are financially “bleeding”, and it was good to acknowledge the fact that rent is a massive expense by providing them with a “rent allowance”! However, it would also be extremely good to realize that a lot of pensioners are trapped as “immobile” without a car… simply because a car is very expensive to run.

What should be done is to provide a “car expenses allowance”  (something like $50.00 per fortnight) so as to get our pensioners involved with life again… especially those who still have good road sense. Stop bloody worrying about refugees… they should pick a cheaper country to try and migrate to: it’s extremely expensive to live in Australia and our pensioners have got no choice but to try and survive in our own country!

 I wish all those  bleeding hearts who keep raving on about refugees would get a life… perhaps they can move to these refugees’ home countries and help them there, instead of constantly hassling our government and the public purse for more money.

We should do a lot more to help our own needy people rather than ingrate foreigners!

Anonymously contributed.

Chinese land grab in Australia.

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To: ‘telescopes@adam.com.au’
Subject: FW: Media presentation was misleading.

Hi there,

I thought that bit about “twice the size of Victoria” didn’t sound right… Barnaby was obviously talking about the total foreign-owned land… the media presentation was a bit misleading! (?)


Chinese Australian-land-grab under the Microscope! (Lateral thinking in action!)

Some people have been far too quick to dismiss the Chinese land-grab as an aberration: apparently they have less than 0.5% of all of our agricultural land… behind the UK, US, Singapore and the Netherlands. However figures can be very misleading: apparently that’s twice the size of Victoria!

All these dimwits are contrasting what the UK has, to render the Chinese holdings as not very significant. Such morons overlook the fact that the UK – not very long ago – actually owned 100% of our land: we were just its colony! And as far as the US, well we’re conjoined at the hips with them in a military alliance, jointly participating together in all of our wars!

However, in order to get the proper picture, one must apply some IQ combined with plenty of lateral thinking! I used to be quite a good chess player and have beaten many A Grade players over the years… I however only played in punctuated short bursts, without allowing my rating to greatly accumulate: after about 17 or so years of inactivity I again played some chess last year… I found that my rating had dropped considerably!

Analogously, one will find that the land holdings of the UK and US, represent a historical position – things of ‘long’ ago: in other words what would constitute an “inactive chess rating” and as such irrelevant to our current discussion!!

Furthermore – as some sports like cricket and chess were a bit boring – the rapidity element has been made fairly prominent. Just like cricket has Twenty20, chess also has Rapid Chess and these days players also have a “rapid rating”! Well the Chinese used to be very poor and did not concern themselves that much with Australian land and real estate… this has however recently exploded as they’ve been monopolizing trade and raking in the money! And lo and behold they are funnelling it into the Australian land and real estate market: yes its “Rapid Rating” would now be fairly high!

The Australian public are not mugs and have got reasons to be genuinely concerned: Good on Ya! Barnaby Joyce!

Frank Pio Russo.

Dastyari and what being a minister means!

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Sent: Tuesday, 6 September 2016 7:51 AM
To: ‘news@nws9.com.au’
Subject: FW: Dastyari and what being a minister means!

Dastyari and what being a minister means!

Sam Dastyari has apparently been caught with his hands in the “trough” in what has been labelled cash for comment! He has been taking up questionable Chinese South-China Sea positions, against his Labour Party’s stance, not to mention the government’s point of view – and getting well paid for it!

He should be taught a very severe lesson and kicked out of parliament, or in the very least demoted! Especially in view of the fact that he’s the leader of opposition business in the Senate: he should be leading by example… but instead he acts as if he’s immune from scrutiny, and whenever it suits him he’s always talking a ‘big stink’ about everybody else … be it banks or whomever!

He’s obviously a real ignoramus and unaware of the true origins of the word “minister”… it comes from the Greek diakonos which meant “to get dusty in the errands of others” (being a cognate of diakoneo which was “to kick up dust”)… it does not on the other hand mean to dishonestly “feather one’s nest!”.

Such behaviour is rendered even more contemptible in view of the fact that his Iranian name is a sort of homophone for getting “Dusty”… but apparently only for his own errands!

Anonymously contributed.

East Timor should stop biting the hand that fed them!

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Sent: Sunday, 4 September 2016 10:01 AM
To: ‘news@nws9.com.au’
Subject: FW: East Timor should stop biting the hand that fed them!

East Timor should stop biting the hand that fed them!

East Timor is a very little ‘pipsqueak’ nation… it should be seen and not heard! How dare they pick on Australia after all we’ve done for them!

I reckon the Foreign Affairs , the Defence Department, and the Treasury – should get their heads together and put together some sort of massive invoice, and bill those third world ingrates of East Timor! In it we should be reimbursed for every man-hour that all of our army personnel etc., put forward towards freeing them from their Indonesian yoke… and also charge them for the leasing of all the hardware and armaments involved in the extensive exercise!

If they really want to play “hard-ball”, then we should give them a really good ‘game’!

Frank Pio Russo.

Why Labor and the Greens are against the ‘Gay Plebiscite’!

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Sent: Sunday, 28 August 2016 4:03 PM
To: ‘norbie.cask@gmail.com’
Subject: Why Labor and the Greens are against the ‘Gay Plebiscite’!

Why Labor and the Greens are against the ‘Gay Plebiscite‘!

The gay lobby is running scared that what I have maintained all along, might be valid! Namely that the agenda is being driven by media propaganda: gayness is learnt behavior – there’s not an iota of doubt – and it’s being propelled by the TV and film industry ad nauseum… and all the gullible moronic half-wits are taking it up in great numbers!

However I still have some faith in the decency of the average population, and especially with the blue collar workers – who would be much less under the influence of the warped and corrupt media.

The only reason the distasteful and un-natural labour and green hierarchies are against it, is because they fear that when the deck of public opinion isn’t ‘stacked’ the way they want it… the public might vote their insanity down in a totally democratic way that no-one could quibble about!

Frank Pio Russo.