Spanish government both stupid and ridiculous!

Spanish government both stupid and ridiculous!

Frank Pio Russo – December 21, 2017.

Presumably the leader of Catalonia was guilty of treason, and was imprisoned for pursuing a path towards independence for his region. But now that elections are on the card, he’s apparently been allowed to become the leader of a pro-independence party whilst still in jail!

This is both stupid and ridiculous! Over here in Australia, if you’re convicted for a year or more of jail: you’re automatically disqualified. Not only does it make no sense to have a convicted felon running for political office, but it’s ridiculous to have an illegal party running for a disavowed path of independence.

Of course it goes without saying that the Spanish government is both stupid and ridiculous for having allowed this issue to fester for a long time: it should have been nipped in the bud a long time ago!

Frank Pio Russo.

The Jewish Settlements in the West Bank.

The Jewish Settlements in the West Bank.

Eli Shamonin (guest writer).

I’ve always called a ‘spade’ a spade !

Despite being very angry because us Jews continue to insist on having a dysfunctional half-wit – namely Einstein – as our national hero, I am always a very fair man and try to point out major injustices when I see them.

I was not very impressed with the recent US vote (i.e. abstention), regarding Jewish settlements in the West Bank! The Arab conglomerate had been intent on obliterating Israel off the face of the Earth in the 6-Day-War of 1967: it would be both ridiculous and laughable to maintain that had the Arabs won, they would have allowed something like the West Bank for us Jews! Their intent was on total genocide… i.e. extermination! Despite the fact that we Jews had no other stretch of land as a home base for our genetic pool !

It was the Arabs that started the war and to the victor go the spoils of victory! I believe it is Israel’s right to do with our historical land as we please – our claim there goes back into the mists of time for millenniums! The fact that such a vast multitude of Arab countries have not absorbed those few Palestinian refugees, speaks volumes for such people’s obstinate bastardy, which should definitely not be rewarded by disrupting the homogeneity of our Israelite nation with any 2-state-solution.

Most diplomatic ‘MORONS’ of the UN are such idiots, that they fail to comprehend that Palestine was the Roman’s name for the then Israelite province and not some de facto appellation for nomadic Arab shepherds ! Furthermore, the fact that the UN – from the Balfour Declaration of 1917 on – did not consider the few Arab components of the area, significant enough to make special provisions for them, also speaks volumes in this regard! They too – most probably – expected the vast array of Arab Muslim countries to welcome them in their fold!

Please Donald  do put an end to such 2-state nonsense, which UN idiots keep parroting around! As far as Obama… he’s very good if you allow him to use a teleprompter but I doubt he’s a real genius.

Eli Shamonin.

FBI Russia investigation: a witch-hunt by low IQ imbeciles that has no merit whatsoever!

FBI Russia investigation: a witch-hunt by low IQ imbeciles that has no merit whatsoever!

Frank Pio Russo – December 4, 2017.

Such gross morons in the FBI! The issue should be: does an incoming new administration or government, have the freedom to reset relations with other countries, or are they simply coming in to keep in place everything the black Obama did – are the latter’s decrees set in stone like the 10 commandments?

The answer is obvious to anybody with even just an ounce of grey matter! Of course Flynn and Trump were within their rights to foster better relations with Russia, especially with a view of better taking the fight up to the Islamic State or Isis. The whole FBI exercise is no more than a camouflaged witch-hunt: such exposed dimwits should go red in the face with embarrassment!

It’s all resulted from Clinton and the left being unable to move-on and accept defeat… they’ll keep pursuing Trump with all sorts of lies and fake news… despite him having won – now they want to keep trying to bring him down: GIVE-UP YOU FUCKWITTED MORONIC IMBECILES!!

Frank Pio Russo.

Why so many women become “domestic violence” victims!

Why so many women become “domestic violence” victims!

Frank Pio Russo – December 03, 2017.

There’s a great deal of sensationalism in regards to the reporting of domestic violence involving women. And all men are in their sights, despite the fact that many of them are quite well behaved. Furthermore, any cases where the opposite takes place – i.e. women being violent towards men – these are usually ignored and not reported on!

Well the truth about this matter might at first greatly upset all these activists, but the facts of the matter are that women themselves should be blamed for this phenomenon! Most violent men or men with such an overt predisposition, should be left alone to become elderly bachelors, and should be regarded as unmarriageable! Yet what’s the truth in this regard? Well to put it simply, many women are very fascinated by violent and domineering men, and feel a need to allow themselves to be dominated and controlled by them! So it stands to reason that they should end-up reaping what they sow . Yes there’s no doubt about it, most women want their men as aggressive and tough and often want them to stand up to other unwanted male attention trough making them jealous, whereas personally if a women has eyes for other men, she should be given a wide berth.

The veracity of the foregoing can be ascertained by the great number of women that write to incarcerated violent criminals, often becoming their pen-pals and in some cases even marrying them when they are released from prison.

Finally, before any of my female readers get offended, no I’m not saying that the men that commit domestic violence should not be prosecuted and punished – far from it! They should actually throw the book at them! Actually I’m simply looking at the root cause of such violence, and how women can avoid ending-up with a broken family and a lot of heart-ache.

Frank Pio Russo.

P.s. – Half the problem is the accepted notion that non-aggressive males are insipid and lacking testosterone, thus making very bad bed partners.

Update: Proof for the foregoing is that one of the most popular books of all time with women, is “Fifty shades of grey” and that speaks for itself!


The truth about Dustyari and what should happen to him.

The truth about Dustyari and what should happen to him.

Frank Russo – December 01, 2017.

It has been revealed that he has warned foreign ‘activists’ about their phones being under surveillance. And this on top of two or three previous serious missteps!

I’ve only got one question for our government and our Prime Minister: Why is he still a senator… he should be stripped of such a privileged status! I would have had him kicked out of Parliament a long time ago.

Our politicians are stinking hypocrites: on the one hand they’ve kicked-out many members on just a trace of doubt about their citizenship without any evidence of them either having sought such citizenship, nor having shown any hint of treachery towards our Australian country; and on the other hand acquiescing in the presence of this turncoat, who’s been possibly working for the Chinese Communist Government to the detriment of our interests.

I say: “Kick him out!”

Frank Russo.

The soccer ball-boy should be banned for life from future involvement with the sport!

The soccer ball-boy should be banned for life from future involvement with the sport!

Frank Pio Russo – November 22, 2017.

Instead of throwing the ball to the Adelaide United player, the Sydney ball-boy turns his back towards him! This was ludicrous because it was in extra time, with United one goal down in the cup final and time ticking away and fast running out! I would give that disingenuous bastard a really good whipping on raw skin!

He was obviously put up to it by the Sydney side for which he barracked! This is rendered obvious by how involved he was in their celebrations! The most ridiculous thing about it all is that he feigned a collapse before the player’s arms had fully closed on him!?? And the public swallowed it all hook, line and sinker!

Now I understand that the Sydney public would be one eyed and very partisan, but how can you excuse the media and such gross imbeciles like channel 9’s Karl Stefanovic? To me it’s beyond comprehension… all I can say is that the last time I checked, journalism was the discipline with the lowest entrance rank in a local university – such morons!!

That ball-boy should be marked for life for the dishonest bastard that he was and never be allowed in the ranks of any future soccer side.

Frank Pio Russo.

Satanic law of “reversal” behind the gay marriage success.

Satanic law of “reversal” behind the gay marriage success.

Frank Pio Russo – November 17, 2017.

Should one be surprised at the recent success of the gay marriage lobby? Definitely not! Humankind wants to do its own thing, and it’s no wonder that as its mass destruction becomes imminent, most of them would align themselves with Satan the Devil and bring about a mass Sodom-and-Gomorrah syndrome!

In actual fact it’s quite straightforward and was all predicted by probably none other than the Devil himself – in the Bible! Yes! In the last days there would be a total corrosion of any semblance of morality! And this is in total harmony with the known procedures of the Devil’s modus operandi, which actually has a well known name which aptly describes what the devil’s aims are!

The process is known as “reversal” and as the term implies, involves taking the opposite position to any obvious divinely instituted matter. For example if you were born a male, the Devil would foster you becoming a “trannie” and going against the natural order by converting yourself into some sort of female. Conversely, if you were a female the opposite would be on the cards for you… depending on how gullible and easily led you may be! Likewise the satanic cross is supposed to be an upside-down version or reversal of the known pagan symbol! Likewise, from what I’ve been told, similar processes apply to Satanic masses and most demonic ceremonies!

Yet the ignorant masses are mostly unaware, that the churches are just another extension of the Satanic empire! Yes the Devil is in charge of both sides as he’s the “God of this system of things”! So, should one be surprised that the principle of “reversal” would be brought into play with gay marriage – where the natural Godly ordained way is supposed to be a marriage between a man and a woman? Not at all! We well know the Devil’s position in this matter, and should of course not be surprised at God’s destructive response: which we’ve seen before with Sodom and Gomorrah!

So in conclusion, do not be misled as you do reap what you sow!

Frank Pio Russo.

Ps. – Further evidence for such demonic thought processes is the reversal of lyrics in the satanic back-masking in many pop songs!

Why NZ PM Ardern is a total moron about refugees!

From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: Sunday, 12 November 2017 4:25 PM
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Subject: Why NZ PM Ardern is a total moron about refugees!

Why NZ PM Ardern is a total moron about refugees!

Women are too emotional, and their thinking is often clouded by feelings rather than being totally rational: this is certainly so in reference to today’s outburst by the New Zealand Prime Minister demanding a meeting with Malcolm Turnbull about refugees.

She’s so absurdly stupid that she’s unable to perceive, that if there was a massive push for New Zealand by the people smugglers, it would be Australia that would be in the firing line! They would aim for Australia first, as new Zealand is too remote for a direct trip, and it would be our navy that would be on constant call at all hours, to rescue these illegal vagrants! Furthermore, whilst many Australians are having their medical needs neglected, the pressure would be on to evacuate any of these sick vagrants – e.g. pregnant women etc. – and no doubt most of these ‘vermin’ would prefer Australia which has a better social security, as this is the real magnet that attracts them here!

So even if they make out they’re going to New Zealand, they can later come to Australia through the open NZ backdoor. Personally I would slam this back-door shut, as NZ is taking too much advantage of Australia: I would treat them as any other country – they don’t deserve their privileged status anymore!

Finally, no doubt this Ardern imbecile, would cause deaths at sea to start all over again: she’s no different to the Australian Labour Party which attracted some 50,000 of these illegals and presided over 1200 deaths at sea!

All I can say is that she’s a moron and very wet behind the ears!

Frank Pio Russo.

The real problem with refugees coming to Australia.

Also going to the ABC who are a very serious problem with their bogus propaganda about refugees:

The real problem with refugees wanting to come to Australia!

The problem with refugees wanting to come to Australia is that they are aiming far too high! Australia is the premiere country of the world, and the whole 7 billion which constitutes the rest of the world, would like to come to Australia: obviously we’ve got to protect our borders and not let these indiscriminate masses in.

Hence zeroing in on the Manus Island situation, obviously all the population of Papua New Guinea would like to greatly raise their standard of living and come to Australia as well, and it’s no wonder that they are jealous and resent all these illegal vagrants being on a free ride having all their needs catered for free of charge: I don’t blame them one bit if they want to bash and send a message to those illegals… I say good luck to them!

If those illegal vermin were realistic, they would pick a lower order country where the cost of living is not as high as Australia, and where they might be actually welcoming refugees… e.g. this is happening with Uganda which is currently welcoming refugees en masse from South Sudan.

Minister Dutton should be congratulated for his tough stand.

Frank Pio Russo.

Possible Labor mole in minister’s office!

From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: Friday, 27 October 2017 5:45 PM
To: ‘Australian Conservatives’
Subject: FW: Union and Labour Party sympathizer – a possible mole in Minister Cash’s office!

Union and Labour Party sympathizer – a possible mole in Minister Cash’s office!

It’s a bit dumb to gang-up and assault minister Cash for the leak of info from the federal police through the minister’s staffer, which alerted the unions and media to an imminent raid!

Who actually stood to gain from such an action? Why the unions of course, such that they could have started to destroy evidence and documents in anticipation of such a raid!!

 I think that if you have a noteworthy IQ, you’d ask yourself some pertinent questions!

Frank Pio Russo.