A catch 22 in Tennant Creek!

Apparently a 2 year old girl has been raped in Tennant Creek and the particular ethnic group is screaming for the police to put a stop to all the crime and drunkenness! The news report also mentioned that close to 50% of the rapes are committed on underage girls.

However I believe that the police in Northern Territory are caught in a bit of a bind… call it a catch-22 of sorts! These people have been constantly screaming that there’s too many of them in jail – should the police throw everybody else in jail also – nobody would be very happy!?

This catch 22 is very similar to the question of child neglect… should the authorities take such children away and create another supposed “so-called” ‘stolen generation’… I don’t envy the position of the NT authorities!

Frank Russo.


Cricket and why its ovals should be standardized!

Cricket is a wonderful game which is a real joy to watch… I really enjoy watching the international tussles between Australia and its rivals -it’s a real thrill to watch some of those close matches.

However, I want to give some good advice to the cricket administrators: cricket ovals should be more standardized than they are at present… their dimensions should be regulated by the IOC as much as possible. Where the ovals are rather large they should be reduced using the mobile borders that are already employed in some cases, and some of those that are incredibly small should be made redundant.

For example, the recent T20 score of 244 by New Zealand in Eden Park, was so massive as to petrify most Australians into passive subjection. However as soon as you realized that the dimensions of Eden Park are so incredibly small, and boundaries rather easy to come by, you became aware that a successful chase might have been possible!

These sort of ovals are a disgrace to the game, because they tend to distort all the statistics of the game – and the game of cricket is all about statistics! In the very least, dimensions should be regulated from now on: e.g. when an oval is refurbished or a new one built, these things should be considered.

Yes! It’s almost a perfect sport – why not make it as good as possible!

Frank Pio Russo.

Sexual harassment and the ultimate fake news!

There is no way that anybody can become a star in this demonic world without first compromising oneself… such a fantasy is only a facade fabricated by the devil to hide his influence!

And now all this fake news about sexual harassment!? In my opinion- all these “sluts”are claiming all this impropriety in a totally mock display of fake piety – ! ‘Yes all these immoral sluts are really saints who have been ‘tainted’ by the likes of a Weinstein’! Give me a break!!

Well I’m not buying any of it! All this mock news and fake morality that’s suddenly emerged, is no more than a ploy by the Devil to try and plaster over all the evils of society… “No we’re not really Sodom and Gomorrah with all our gays and transsexuals and permissiveness of all sorts… we’re really paragons of morality and ethics!?”

Most of these protagonists are totally immoral and now appear and make out they’re disturbed by any mild sexual harassment… all I can say is that they’re very good actors!

Ben Scott.

The Jewish Settlements in the West Bank.

The Jewish Settlements in the West Bank.

Eli Shamonin (guest writer).

I’ve always called a ‘spade’ a spade !

Despite being very angry because us Jews continue to insist on having a dysfunctional half-wit – namely Einstein – as our national hero, I am always a very fair man and try to point out major injustices when I see them.

I was not very impressed with the recent US vote (i.e. abstention), regarding Jewish settlements in the West Bank! The Arab conglomerate had been intent on obliterating Israel off the face of the Earth in the 6-Day-War of 1967: it would be both ridiculous and laughable to maintain that had the Arabs won, they would have allowed something like the West Bank for us Jews! Their intent was on total genocide… i.e. extermination! Despite the fact that we Jews had no other stretch of land as a home base for our genetic pool !

It was the Arabs that started the war and to the victor go the spoils of victory! I believe it is Israel’s right to do with our historical land as we please – our claim there goes back into the mists of time for millenniums! The fact that such a vast multitude of Arab countries have not absorbed those few Palestinian refugees, speaks volumes for such people’s obstinate bastardy, which should definitely not be rewarded by disrupting the homogeneity of our Israelite nation with any 2-state-solution.

Most diplomatic ‘MORONS’ of the UN are such idiots, that they fail to comprehend that Palestine was the Roman’s name for the then Israelite province and not some de facto appellation for nomadic Arab shepherds ! Furthermore, the fact that the UN – from the Balfour Declaration of 1917 on – did not consider the few Arab components of the area, significant enough to make special provisions for them, also speaks volumes in this regard! They too – most probably – expected the vast array of Arab Muslim countries to welcome them in their fold!

Please Donald  do put an end to such 2-state nonsense, which UN idiots keep parroting around! As far as Obama… he’s very good if you allow him to use a teleprompter but I doubt he’s a real genius.

Eli Shamonin.

Why so many women become “domestic violence” victims!

Why so many women become “domestic violence” victims!

Frank Pio Russo – December 03, 2017.

There’s a great deal of sensationalism in regards to the reporting of domestic violence involving women. And all men are in their sights, despite the fact that many of them are quite well behaved. Furthermore, any cases where the opposite takes place – i.e. women being violent towards men – these are usually ignored and not reported on!

Well the truth about this matter might at first greatly upset all these activists, but the facts of the matter are that women themselves should be blamed for this phenomenon! Most violent men or men with such an overt predisposition, should be left alone to become elderly bachelors, and should be regarded as unmarriageable! Yet what’s the truth in this regard? Well to put it simply, many women are very fascinated by violent and domineering men, and feel a need to allow themselves to be dominated and controlled by them! So it stands to reason that they should end-up reaping what they sow . Yes there’s no doubt about it, most women want their men as aggressive and tough and often want them to stand up to other unwanted male attention trough making them jealous, whereas personally if a women has eyes for other men, she should be given a wide berth.

The veracity of the foregoing can be ascertained by the great number of women that write to incarcerated violent criminals, often becoming their pen-pals and in some cases even marrying them when they are released from prison.

Finally, before any of my female readers get offended, no I’m not saying that the men that commit domestic violence should not be prosecuted and punished – far from it! They should actually throw the book at them! Actually I’m simply looking at the root cause of such violence, and how women can avoid ending-up with a broken family and a lot of heart-ache.

Frank Pio Russo.

P.s. – Half the problem is the accepted notion that non-aggressive males are insipid and lacking testosterone, thus making very bad bed partners.

Update: Proof for the foregoing is that one of the most popular books of all time with women, is “Fifty shades of grey” and that speaks for itself!


The soccer ball-boy should be banned for life from future involvement with the sport!

The soccer ball-boy should be banned for life from future involvement with the sport!

Frank Pio Russo – November 22, 2017.

Instead of throwing the ball to the Adelaide United player, the Sydney ball-boy turns his back towards him! This was ludicrous because it was in extra time, with United one goal down in the cup final and time ticking away and fast running out! I would give that disingenuous bastard a really good whipping on raw skin!

He was obviously put up to it by the Sydney side for which he barracked! This is rendered obvious by how involved he was in their celebrations! The most ridiculous thing about it all is that he feigned a collapse before the player’s arms had fully closed on him!?? And the public swallowed it all hook, line and sinker!

Now I understand that the Sydney public would be one eyed and very partisan, but how can you excuse the media and such gross imbeciles like channel 9’s Karl Stefanovic? To me it’s beyond comprehension… all I can say is that the last time I checked, journalism was the discipline with the lowest entrance rank in a local university – such morons!!

That ball-boy should be marked for life for the dishonest bastard that he was and never be allowed in the ranks of any future soccer side.

Frank Pio Russo.

Farmer Gore’s approach to reducing emissions.

Farmer Gore’s approach to reducing emissions and the inconvenient truth that’s been overlooked!

Frank Pio Russo – October 4, 2017.

Farmer Gore has one of the most massive cattle farms on our planet over here in Australia, and of course as you know, cattle burp and fart out all this methane gas as they digest grass. This is of course very bad as apparently methane is at least 20 times worse than carbon dioxide!

Naturally – with about 7 billion cows – farmer Gore is aware that he is the principle polluter on our planet and as such he is trying to appear responsible. He has started a massive initiative in having the lips of all his cows partially sewed up, so that they can’t eat as much nor do as much belching! He has also petitioned politicians to make food for cows very, very expensive, so that cows will eat a lot less because as stock-feed prices skyrocket, farmers can’t afford to feed them! He has also a huge team of women, sewing their anuses half-shut in an effort to minimize emissions! Whilst he has undertaken all these initiatives, farmer Gore is still carrying-on with his massive cattle breeding wanting to soon surpass 10 billion cattle at an almost exponentially raising growth-rate!

Well I’m going to give farmer Gore an inconvenient truth: his methods are ridiculous and laughable… not to mention “very contradictory”! If the future of the planet was really at stake, in the very least he should stop his population explosion with his obscene breeding… have less cows on the planet and let them eat “to their hearts’ content”.

Finally, extrapolating things to the real world – perhaps a major war to decimate all these ‘vermin’ that are rampantly breeding in an unrestrained way – yes “a major war” wouldn’t be such a bad thing: it depends how badly you really want to save the planet!

Frank Pio Russo.

Rohingyas and why Uber has been banned in London!

The Muslim factor: about the Rohingyas and why Uber has been banned in London!

September 24, 2017.

Obviously, so as to enhance the stability and cohesion of its country, Myanmar wants to preserve its monolithic Buddhist structure. And I don’t blame them: wherever Muslims go – rather than assimilate and integrate – they want to take over with their Sharia Law and Halal foods and terrorist insurrections everywhere whilst breeding like vermin!

I don’t blame Myanmar not even one very minute bit at all… only stupid countries like Australia let people come here and do as they like! We should insist they drop their radical ideologies and assimilate. Anyway we should be like Japan which has virtually very little crime… i.e. only let foreigners in, if we desperately need their services, and our own people are unable to help! Furthermore, the fact that the Rohingyas are Muslims like the Bangladeshi – from whence they supposedly came from – speaks for itself!

My lateral thinking also sees a Muslim connection as to why Uber has been banned in London. I would imagine that their situation is something similar to here in Adelaide, where virtually all taxi drivers are ethnic migrants, with a major proportion of them being Muslims. Obviously, it’s too much of a coincidence that the London Mayor is a Muslim, and as such sympathizes with his Muslim base, by discriminating against Uber… the latter often being manned by non-ethnic technology savvy guys. Personally I feel that technology should trump antiquated business practices, similar to what’s been happening in other areas of life, all over the world.

Anonymously contributed.

In what sense are the human races equal ?

From: Frank Pio Russo [mailto:frankrusso@frankrusso.net]
Sent: Friday, 8 September 2017 7:58 AM
To: ‘Vice President Mike Pence’
Subject: In what sense are the human races equal ?

In what sense are the human races equal ?

There is a lot of mis-comprehension in this regard : just like all individuals are different, likewise all of the races all have their own peculiar attributes that make them different! Where they of course are equal, is in regards to salvation in the eyes of God, where they will be judged according to their works with any racial considerations taken into account, so as to mitigate some of their shortcomings.

Another area in which all human beings stand as equals, is in the fact that their future is not prewritten and prejudged. In other words, there is no reason as to why the individual cannot rise above his peers in his race! Yes the individual can form his own reputation and connotation in the eyes of the public, which may be different to what’s normally expected from his race! There is no invisible force that binds one to the dictates of his race – besides his genetics – and as we know, genetics is only about 50% of the picture.

If anything, when their genetics are bad, this can often constitute as a bit of an excuse for their bad behaviour, just like bad upbringing often does! However, one should not blame an employer or shop owner, for taking sensible precautions… e.g. using probability and statistics to protect his or her business or demonizing someone for doing these things as a malignant racist!

In conclusion, labelling someone as a racist is ridiculous… (e.g. someone who likes German Shepherds is not necessarily hating all the other dogs!)… I would prefer the label of a “REALIST” to the stupid and illiterate notion of a racist!

Frank Pio Russo.


Transsexuals and gays: humouring them is actually putting the cart in front of the horse !

Transsexuals and gays: humouring them is actually putting the cart in front of the horse !

Frank Pio Russo – September 01, 2017.

The ABC is always pushing the gay “envelope” further and further! This morning the agenda was that the transsexuals are all very depressed and suicidal, and they want the governments to spend all this money to educate the public about their issues!

However from my experience, I tend to agree with the psychiatric practice of past centuries… these issues are all symptoms of both conditioning and deep seated mental illness, and to humour them is really tantamount to placing a cart in front of a horse ! For instance, the incidence of homosexuality was always constant at 1% of the population for centuries till people started to humour and publicize these issues recently.

All the transsexuals I’ve known about were unstable to begin with, and the issues of gender and sexuality only served to compound their problems… allowing these things to fester and gain public approval is counterproductive and would only serve to ruining our fabric of society.

Of course I see no harm in treating these people’s mental problems: but it’s these people that need the educating and the treatment rather than the rest of society, and it’s still society in general that should dictate what’s acceptable and what is not. I hope you don’t advocate the destruction of the “family” as a basic unit of society!

A concerned citizen.