African violent gangs – whose responsibility are they?

There’s been an argument as to whose responsibility these violent African crime gangs are. They are mainly operating in Victoria, and Premier Andrews has demanded that the Prime Minister and the Federal Police get involved to put a stop to them.

In response, Prime Minister Turnbull has said that it’s the Premier that’s to blame, for not giving the proper tough directions to his judiciaries and police force… and I totally agree with the Prime Minister as the Labour Government has a reputation for being totally weak and ineffective on crime!

However, regardless of the fact that the federal police force is rather small, I still see some partial blame falling on the federal government. Of course not on Turnbull or his comrades, but rather on their previous Labour opponents who were far too keen to oblige the black Coffee Anand, and brought in all these violent blacks whom everybody knew, were not going to fit in Australian society! These violent knife-wielding thugs should be languishing permanently in jail or better still deported if possible!

Getting back to the point: Yes! The federal government is definitely also to blame! To illustrate, let’s say that it was anachronistically the 1920’s and 1930’s, and Rudd and Gillard decided to bring in Al Capone and all the gangsters of Chicago… yes import them to Australia: would you then go ahead and blame them when all the crime gangs would start in Melbourne etc. ? Of course you would!

So in conclusion, I would like to hope that all of our judiciaries and police forces and politicians would unite to lick this problem.

Frank Pio Russo.


Watching terror on TV is enough! Terror links are unnecessary!

From our Prime Minister Turnbull down, everybody is constantly parroting around that it’s not terrorism because they haven’t found any terror links yet!?

Such fools: terror links are unnecessary! All these gullible and easily influenced Muslims need, is to see their fellow activists carry out terror on TV segments… WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!!

Frank Russo.

The ‘terror shows’ often live on TV are enough !!

Australian authorities hellbent on denying the undeniable!?

The Muslim Afghani refugee terrorist spelled it out for them: he had committed the act of terror with his 4-wheel-drive – because of how his Muslim brethren were being treated – thus severely injuring some 19 people or thereabouts.

These Australian authorities are criminally obstinate, presumably so as not to offend Muslim sensitivity! When will these Australian moronic bastards wake up? Maybe when close to 50,000 people get killed in one go!

Such an event may be worthwhile if it were to snap such authorities out of their lethargic sleep… maybe then they might consider the Muslim problem a serious one! 

Frank Pio Russo.

The Jewish Settlements in the West Bank.

The Jewish Settlements in the West Bank.

Eli Shamonin (guest writer).

I’ve always called a ‘spade’ a spade !

Despite being very angry because us Jews continue to insist on having a dysfunctional half-wit – namely Einstein – as our national hero, I am always a very fair man and try to point out major injustices when I see them.

I was not very impressed with the recent US vote (i.e. abstention), regarding Jewish settlements in the West Bank! The Arab conglomerate had been intent on obliterating Israel off the face of the Earth in the 6-Day-War of 1967: it would be both ridiculous and laughable to maintain that had the Arabs won, they would have allowed something like the West Bank for us Jews! Their intent was on total genocide… i.e. extermination! Despite the fact that we Jews had no other stretch of land as a home base for our genetic pool !

It was the Arabs that started the war and to the victor go the spoils of victory! I believe it is Israel’s right to do with our historical land as we please – our claim there goes back into the mists of time for millenniums! The fact that such a vast multitude of Arab countries have not absorbed those few Palestinian refugees, speaks volumes for such people’s obstinate bastardy, which should definitely not be rewarded by disrupting the homogeneity of our Israelite nation with any 2-state-solution.

Most diplomatic ‘MORONS’ of the UN are such idiots, that they fail to comprehend that Palestine was the Roman’s name for the then Israelite province and not some de facto appellation for nomadic Arab shepherds ! Furthermore, the fact that the UN – from the Balfour Declaration of 1917 on – did not consider the few Arab components of the area, significant enough to make special provisions for them, also speaks volumes in this regard! They too – most probably – expected the vast array of Arab Muslim countries to welcome them in their fold!

Please Donald  do put an end to such 2-state nonsense, which UN idiots keep parroting around! As far as Obama… he’s very good if you allow him to use a teleprompter but I doubt he’s a real genius.

Eli Shamonin.

Why NZ PM Ardern is a total moron about refugees!

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Subject: Why NZ PM Ardern is a total moron about refugees!

Why NZ PM Ardern is a total moron about refugees!

Women are too emotional, and their thinking is often clouded by feelings rather than being totally rational: this is certainly so in reference to today’s outburst by the New Zealand Prime Minister demanding a meeting with Malcolm Turnbull about refugees.

She’s so absurdly stupid that she’s unable to perceive, that if there was a massive push for New Zealand by the people smugglers, it would be Australia that would be in the firing line! They would aim for Australia first, as new Zealand is too remote for a direct trip, and it would be our navy that would be on constant call at all hours, to rescue these illegal vagrants! Furthermore, whilst many Australians are having their medical needs neglected, the pressure would be on to evacuate any of these sick vagrants – e.g. pregnant women etc. – and no doubt most of these ‘vermin’ would prefer Australia which has a better social security, as this is the real magnet that attracts them here!

So even if they make out they’re going to New Zealand, they can later come to Australia through the open NZ backdoor. Personally I would slam this back-door shut, as NZ is taking too much advantage of Australia: I would treat them as any other country – they don’t deserve their privileged status anymore!

Finally, no doubt this Ardern imbecile, would cause deaths at sea to start all over again: she’s no different to the Australian Labour Party which attracted some 50,000 of these illegals and presided over 1200 deaths at sea!

All I can say is that she’s a moron and very wet behind the ears!

Frank Pio Russo.

The real problem with refugees coming to Australia.

Also going to the ABC who are a very serious problem with their bogus propaganda about refugees:

The real problem with refugees wanting to come to Australia!

The problem with refugees wanting to come to Australia is that they are aiming far too high! Australia is the premiere country of the world, and the whole 7 billion which constitutes the rest of the world, would like to come to Australia: obviously we’ve got to protect our borders and not let these indiscriminate masses in.

Hence zeroing in on the Manus Island situation, obviously all the population of Papua New Guinea would like to greatly raise their standard of living and come to Australia as well, and it’s no wonder that they are jealous and resent all these illegal vagrants being on a free ride having all their needs catered for free of charge: I don’t blame them one bit if they want to bash and send a message to those illegals… I say good luck to them!

If those illegal vermin were realistic, they would pick a lower order country where the cost of living is not as high as Australia, and where they might be actually welcoming refugees… e.g. this is happening with Uganda which is currently welcoming refugees en masse from South Sudan.

Minister Dutton should be congratulated for his tough stand.

Frank Pio Russo.

Why the ” human rights” arguments are rubbish !

Why the ” human rights” arguments are rubbish !

August 08, 2017.

There’s all these proponents of gay marriage on TV and on the internet, raving on about how it’s a matter of ‘human rights’… also all these lawyers raking in the money going on about the ‘human rights’ of all these vagrant illegals!

To me the matter is quite simple: these gays can insist on any rights – be they human or bestial – if they were living in a cave on some deserted island! However they insist on living here in Australia, so it is Australian society that decides what rights one can have or not have… (and as far as I am concerned if the UN has any differing thoughts on the matter: they can go and get stuffed!).

And as for the vagrant illegals, we shouldn’t be at all responsible for their welfare… if they don’t like being left in limbo : let them produce their papers and get repatriated to where they came from. I think even Europe and the US are now learning from our approach to this ‘vagrant illegals’ problem.

As for the gays, there are other countries who might approve of their ‘bestial’ desires – why don’t they migrate there to be with their own kind who might just approve of their deviancy ?

Anonymously contributed.

The supposed 2% growth that immigration provides!

The truth about the 2 % growth misinformation about immigration!

July 20, 2017.

Sometime in the 1980s these Italians were raving about how Italy was beating even Germany and was about the 3rd economy in the world: “I was a bit sceptical and said what about their debts ?”

Of course I was spot-on because – despite their GDP – their economy was no more than an elaborate house of cards with all these massive debts! Now , in a similar vein, there’s a fact about immigration that is constantly being parroted around to the detriment of proper understanding of the matter.

It is constantly being said that Australia’s immigration keeps giving us a growth of 2% all by itself. Such politicians are devoid of any understanding: they are no more than moronic imbeciles ! Sure the GDP might be going up… but when most of this vagrant influx comes here with zero finances to speak of , the growth is only being accomplished through debt… and sure enough our debt keeps on mushrooming up ballooning past ½ a trillion dollars – I currently believe!

Wake-up Australia: you are almost being owned by overseas bankers: you “wankers”! We should be self-contained in most respects, encouraging our own moderate population growth and living within our means… instead of continuing bringing in all these vagrants and allowing our standard of living to resultantly continue to slip !

Frank Russo.

Ps, the GDP rarely tells you the whole story !

What migration at 190,000 per year really means!

What migration at 190,000 per year really means!

June 27, 2017

Politicians – I often surmise – must be a very stupid and unintelligent lot: what’s so hard about working out that the more people you bring into Australia, the smaller our individual portion of our country – that we own – becomes!

Obviously as another year ticks by, our collective worth has to be divided by an extra 190,000 people, thus making everybody’s share much smaller – it’s just basic plain common sense which unfortunately many people lack!

Why all the hurry in developing every little corner of our country – hasn’t anybody realized that many things left undeveloped can make massive gains in appreciation – to give you an example many migrants made a ‘killing’ by simply buying some land and ‘sitting’ on it!

The only setback that I can see, is that other countries that have had high seminal emissions and bred like rabbits, will covet our land and would like to invidiously come and take over… ( and oddly enough it’s mainly Indians and Chinese that have been flocking here). We should not be in a hurry to develop everything, nor should we sell massive portions of our land like we’ve done to Qatar… it should all be preserved as a heritage for our descendants.

That’s where globalization is bad… people cry out about the lack of wage growth: well the downward slide is not going to stop till your wage and that of those in the Bangladesh slums becomes comparable. Yes! Trump has the right idea “USA first!”… likewise we should have a policy of Australia first and tell the rest of the world to metaphorically “get stuffed!”.

Frank Pio Russo.

Is the religion of migrants and refugees to be respected?

Is the religion of migrants and refugees really to be respected? Not at all!

All the politicians and officials of the western world are no more than retarded, ignorant imbeciles! They obliviously treat the religion and culture of migrants and refugees, as virtually even more important than that of their own people! Shame on these moronic bastards!

They have no idea whatsoever: there is nothing special about the religion and ethnic values of these vagrant vagabonds! It is definitely nothing to make special provisions about, and is definitely not to be treated as sacrosanct!

I applauded when Senator Cory Bernardi opposed the creation of a special “Prayer Room” for Muslims, as if the latter are some sort of “white hens” that deserve special treatment! What all these moronic idiots need to learn, is that one’s religion and culture is – in most cases – simply dictated by the region or zone of provenance of these undesired vagrants! The only exceptions is the few converts that Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses have managed to acquire, and this is a very recent phenomenon. Anyway as far as JWs go, their membership isn’t keeping up with their population increases in the western world, and most of their members are acquired through the latter remaining ignorant of the JW’s past history. And as far as the Mormons go, there’s nothing special about them either! Usually it’s only their cordiality that might win some new friends: especially from the socially inept who are looking for a new circle of friends.

The facts remain that if any migrant comes from Israel he’ll usually be Jewish; should he come from South America he’s usually a Catholic; should he come from the middle east he’s usually a Muslim; were he to come from India he’d usually be a Hindu; were he from Greece he’d be a Geek Orthodox, whilst from Serbia he’d be a Serbian Orthodox!

I think – unless you’re demented – you should get the point! There’s nothing sacrosanct about one’s religion or culture… it’s a simple by-product of where these “vagrants” are born or were living! Wake up you despicable , moronic politicians, and leftist bastards… you’re all an insult to logical common sense!!

Both religion and culture are all mumbo jumbo… it is science and technology that matter! All migrants and refugees – should God forbid any country ever need them – must be made to integrate and conform to the values of the new host country: No buts about it.

Frank Russo.