Should churches be able to fire gay teachers?

Australia has been debating the issue of discrimination against both gay students and gay teachers, and the various politicians see the issue involving students as far more clear-cut than the case involving teachers, (the reason given is that churches are entitled to control what’s being taught at their churches, and to make sure that it’s in harmony with their teachings).

However, I see the whole exercise as ridiculously stupid! If such moronic imbeciles as gay students or gay teachers, actually desire to go to such church-schools, than as far as I’m concerned they deserve all the discrimination the churches can muster!

Are they that devoid of mental faculties, that they don’t realise that their behaviour is tantamount to people who object to the death penalty, actually going to court for their right to be allowed to take up the job as executioners!

It’s bloody insane what’s going on! I say that churches are completely within their rights to toss all these gay faggots – whether students or teachers – out of their midst! And whilst they’re at it, let them also kick all these bloody gay priest out also, so that they are not tempted by having such a privileged position! People should realise that it’s not up to the churches to legislate on such matters, as their hand should be already tied by what God , Jesus and Paul – plus the rest of the Bible – say on the matter: namely that it’s an abomination deserving of death – as happened to Sodom and Gomorrah!

Now why do these imbeciles want to take legal action so that they can associate and work, for an organisation that is supposed to put such deviant “bastards” to death! They obviously have close to zero for an IQ, and I certainly wouldn’t want such stupid morons teaching any child of mine!

Frank Pio Russo.